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Wednesday, March 15 2023
I had a plan to take pseudoephedrine this morning but then decided not to. I was feeling a little off, probably from all the red wine I'd consumed after getting back from Fern's place last night. It was late and I hadn't had time to wait for diphenhydramine to kick in, so I'd thought some wine would do the trick. It didn't seem like a quantity that would result in a hangover, but somehow it did. Red wine is a particularly hangover-inducing libation, though.
Towards the end of the workday, I managed to strap the new supposed 80 watt laser onto my laser cutter and gave it a test drive. It's definitely more powerful and able to focus to a tinier dot, but when I used the Kill-a-Watt on the 12 volt power supply that was driving only the laser, it never consumed more than 30 watts. I suppose it's possible that the laser can store power locally (in, say, a capacitor) and dump that through the laser in a burst to produce 80 watts. But none of the wires are really thick enough to handle the 6.67 amps necessary to carry 80 watts of power (and I don't have any non-desktop-PC power supplies that can produce that much 12 v power in any case. All this is to say maybe the laser is good enough to keep even if its description on eBay wasn't entirely factual.

Gretchen must be feeling a little depressed, because she's back to roasting vegetables again. Tonight while I was in the bathtub enjoying soaking in the first mostly-solar-heated water of the year, she put together a weird meal of roast vegetables and vegan meatballs. The latter were pretty good when covered in Rao's marinara sauce.
I'd procrastinated terribly in the remote workplace today, but this evening before I went to bed, I made some understanding breakthroughs in the dull depreciation code I'd been trying to comprehend.

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