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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Eskimo Summer Downtown Mall Charlottesville Street Viriginia Having Friends Sucks Scene Tequila Buttery Nipples Baja Bean Redneckistan Sebadoh Wertland Birthday Party Dream

February - Warm Day Wasted Jawbox CD Novelty University Virginia Natural Light Stink L7 Sun Gemini Aquarius Libra Total Recall AW VIOLENCE Valentine Hole Brazilian Girl Digit Tokyo Rose Goth Central Boy Fighting Melrose Place Net Radio Shack

March - Ellas River Malvern Monster Girls Dyer Escafe Malvernians Miller Homepage Walter Grandfather Shopping Mentors Season Spring Break Alchemist Surreal Mad Cow Disease LIEN SPACE CRAFTS CONFIRMED

April - Angela Internet Liz Phair MAJOR CORRECTION Curious Fun Market Washington Infoseek Horrid Crash Pad VA Dynashack HACK Christopher Makos Warhol World Wide Web Foxfield Races Amy War

May - Dodge Dart Mods Bad Taste Bell Hart Fran Corner II Big Eric Huffanator Huffman Ohio Oberlin Tank House Mustin Anarchy Observatory Avenue

June - Nature Avenue Chinese Verde Zachary Cleveland Guided Voices Zach Mr Elly Leah Fatal Attraction Ladies Heart Industrial Culture Harvey OL AOLer T1 CDA

July - Kappa Mutha Fucka James Scottsville Jessika Army Philadelphia Chevrolet Matthew Waynesboro Staunton Vomit Comet Poiron Diana Deya KMF Rum Jenfariello Ami Sage Brick Mansion Hood Nigel Pekingnese Muellers Mountain Katherine Minga Chaz Flamingos Pink Grapefruit John Waters Theatre Coronas

August - Taco British Village New York Island City IP Atlas Moomaw CJ Lake Phillies Blunt HTML ID Welcome Dollhouse In Wingnut Sunrise

September - Frat Machine Boys Natalie Sarah Williamsburg Beach X Files J Michelangelo Warrant Carolyn Burke Yellow Journal Rory Baboose Carter Ocean Beat

October - Peggy Pete Pixies Artspace DXM Kelly Richmond America REAL HUMANS SIMMs Donnie Brasco Weiner PA Dextromethorphan Haunted Cat Sara Fall OM

November - Former Coffee Cart Mac McBeal Maggy American Man Woman Pansy Division Donea Eve

December - JEL Kentucky Theresa V Shira III Sal Pizza Amtrack Orleans Siberian End Gathering SCSI Hidden SciFi Thriller Husky Dog