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   March 1997

01: em...excuse me, but that web page is forged - News of an old college nemesis' complaint to the webmaster and a discussion of accents and racism in Charlottesville.
02: tussin's effects on painters and models - Tussin makes it possible to sit still for hours but it limits motivation essential for the creative process.
03: weather as horrid as any crash pad - I catch up on my sleep.
04: skatechat - Sam 'n' Ellas bogs down so blixa and I hang out instead in a web chat where freaky athletes talk boastfully of their penis sizes.
05: families of armageddon - The world falls apart while the youth of today begin to settle down into traditional roles.
06: disease, deficiencies, and contagion - As my body falls apart all I can think to do is work and sleep.
07: as though they never left - Ghosts of Charlottesville's past come back to haunt the streets.
08: post industrial tussin trip to the Rivanna River - A Malvern contingent, Monster Boy, and the Brazilian Girls accompany me on foot all the way to a desolate factory's corpse.
09: Jamie Dyer at the Escafe - The Malvern contingent, Monster Boy and I attend a performance of the musician who introduced Malvernians to Charlottesville.
10: March malaise - I pass the day in a state of intense malaise.
11: examined by a Charlottesville dentist - I finally do something about my dreadful gum condition.
12: living as if in Walter Miller's Homepage - While reading of the antics of Walter Miller's Grandfather, I perform a strange physical stunt of my own.
13: the Staunton Mall on a weekday is a sideshow - I am amazed at the physical peculiarities of the people I see at the Shopping Mall of my youth.
14: dorky ravers who like goths - Monster Boy receives obsequiousness and food for being a cool goth dude.
15: Pisces Party - A lavish affair held east of Charlottesville for the town's cool people.
16: success with brand disloyalty - Adventures surrounding unproductive searches for food, vino as a stand-in for tequila, and a huge bag of flavoured corn chips.
17: The Mentors and sex - Folks from different parts of my life keep running into the members of a particularly offensive heavy metal band.
18: chess games in Goth Central - I find myself playing and being humiliated by a game I don't particularly like anymore.
19: social castration - I keep getting stuck in the same ruts with exclusive social groups.
20: therapy and the Necronomicron - Writing helps me face and ultimately live with my problems (for now) while H.P. Lovecraft almost makes me puke.
21: old friends and lots of liquor - Jatasya Season is in full effect and friends are home for Spring Break. So we go get lots of liquor.
22: the ups and downs of social obligations - Some people irritate me with their familiarity while others easily transcend their nostalgic value.
23: weirdness abounds - Reviews of a lunar eclipse and animated films such as Alchemist of the Surreal.
24: Thoughts on Mad Cow Disease - The price we pay for cheap abundant food.
25: vegetarians against the apocalypse - I'm so disturbed by the folly of the beef industry that I begin to proselytize for the cause of vegetarianism.
26: ALIEN SPACE CRAFTS CONFIRMED (in a dream) - I use the scientific method to test whether my father and I saw the same hovering ships.
27: why Wade Apartments sucks - Imaginative lawn decorations are not allowed by a Wertland Street landlord.
28: if I abandon my friends... - I can't really expect much of a social life when I deny myself every opportunity to socialize.
29: through my evenings and into my dreams - A dream, some drinking, punk rocking, a rave, and a dream that was actually reality.
30: social slavery - All about feeding, entertaining, abiding, and ditching friends.
31: out like a lion - The wind howls while I walk around the Corner with a youthful contingent.