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   December 1997

01: think before you cheer - I critique the JEL Journal and muse about the kid who killed a bunch of praying students in Kentucky.
02: Rasputin at the book fair - My psychotic brother turned loose for awhile in book heaven.
03: praise for Orson - Also, what encryption export restrictions do for my confidence in American governance.
04: one bad housemate for another - Matthew hatches a inconsiderate plan to dump Theresa V. off on Deya and me. Also, Jessika calls with news that Shira has died of a heroin overdose.
05: indescribable evil - Following Shira's death, the air becomes selfish and mean and I become cynical. I can't even muster the stomach to drink. Also, why emoticons suck.
06: Space Party III - I dress up as a bomb and go home with Amy the Goth Girl.
07: weak resolution - I decide to stop being promiscuous.
08: gentle Brook the giant - About the human trademark of Sal's Pizza.
09: anthropic principle - Musings about why mammals have external testicles.
10: Morgan rides the Amtrack - He comes into Charlottesville from New Orleans in style, inside a coach instead of on top of a freight.
11: Shira the dog - Matthew Hart adopts a stray Siberian husky in his own drunken way.
12: shove - Morgan Anarchy shoves an old redneck off a porch while on booze and nuthouse pills. Also, we freebase Dextromethorphan from sucrets.
13: Jehu End of the World Party II - We eat tussin freebase, go to an antique store, look at abandoned houses, attend an art opening, and visit the Gathering.
14: backups - Jessika goes back up to Philadelphia, and Elly suffers from a failure to backup her hard drive.
15: last paycheck - I get my last paycheck from Comet and begin my at-home career.
16: ironic - Working at home now, I muse about the whiteness of my friends and my powerlessness to do anything about it.
17: headaches - Troubles with a SCSI card, relocation of Comet servers, and Matthew is working so hard he can barely get drunk. Also, something about the high standards of women.
18: computer crisis Christ - I save my mother from the original sin of computer problems.
19: music we like - The times change, our interests change, and sometimes what's popular and what we like converge.
20: The Hidden and the hangover - Recovering from a bad vino hangover, I watch an evocative SciFi Thriller.
21: home office - I like my home work environment to be just so. Also, fantasies about girls I rejected.
22: I go outside - A dreary day, but I go out for chicken and Deya and I agree to live with a quasi-married couple and their dog.
23: the ways of dogs - A miserable day full of crises while a bored Siberian Husky aggravates matters.
24: hard drive biology metaphor - A hard drive crash can be used as model for biospheric extinction.
25: Christmas is like romance - There's little to prepare you for the joy of romance except childhood Christmas experiences.
26: Mad Dog cautionary tale - Jamie, a light weight, drinks it a little too fast. Also, I get kicked out of a party and go home with a girl.
27: rowdy visitors - Violence, lust and jealousy in endless feedback in my unfortunate living room.
28: Seinfeld moment - You can't eat hotdogs in front of the ladies.
29: I buy ginseng - I wonder what jokes were made about me after I left. Also, some snow and sheepish visitors.
30: never go home - When I'm never at work, I'm never at home either.
31: Blond House New Years - I keep getting involved with novel women at that place.