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   The Hidden and the hangover
Saturday, December 20 1997

  had a bad hangover today. Red wine is not a good beverage for a drinking binge; the happiness it brings is borrowed and must be refunded with misery.

I took naps, I surfed the web, but it was nearly impossible to do anything creative. I took a bath and fell asleep in the warm water. When I awoke, the dorsal surfaces of my fingers had begun to wrinkle.


here was a good movie on the SciFi channel tonight, The Hidden. I'd seen it before, and it's always been one of my very favourite movies. It's a classic good versus evil space thriller, fought here on earth by a bad alien and his good counterpart. They parasitically occupy animals (humans mostly) and use their bodies to move around and fight their skirmishes. This has a dual usefulness: the alien battles are cloaked with mystery and might be mistaken for normal human struggles, and the special effects come much more cheaply. The movie has a very touching yet disturbing ending that cuts to the heart of what it means to be a specific person or care about someone. I'm in awe.

one year ago

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