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   October 1998

01: interactive media for dogs - Dogs have a retentive interactive medium at least as rich as the Internet.
02: childhood home dreamage - A few disturbing dreams set back in the homeplace in Virginia.
03: hybrid crap teevee - Teevee on a Saturday night in my SoCal life.
04: painting crisis - I take radical measures with a painting and experience success.
05: symbol on the moon - Why isn't that pattern important in our culture?
06: lots of bloody marys - Celebrating being hired as a web guy.
07: first day of many - I start my job as a web guy.
08: difficult pointlessness - Adjusting to my initial unproductivity.
09: energy - It's like a Saturn plant, or perhaps even a cult, but it seems to work.
10: furniture fatigue - Kim drags me from place to place on a hunt for furniture.
11: Laguna Beach - We visit Kim's father's cousin up closer to Los Angeles.
12: anti-gay bigotry - As manifest in both Kim's mother and the world at large. How about some leadership, Mr. President?
13: along the San Diego River - A pleasant quarter mile before work.
14: sober carnal fun - They can't serve alcohol because the entertainment is too intense.
15: my thankfully devoured bank - I'm glad Bank of America bought Nations Bank.
16: restaurant stress - I'm glad Bank of America bought Nations Bank.
17: the billboards of uptown - Also, more about southern California's car hegemony.
18: watching baseball - Caught in the open front windows of an Ocean Beach sports bar.
19: bank machines in trees - Also, I realize I can't get all my work done every day.
20: all hours spoken for - And I hate it when fights dominate what little waking time I'm not at work.
21: sober bar experience - I'm 30, but with no ID I might as well be 20.
22: lower arm spaghetti workout - A little shiatsu for the carpal tunnels.
23: oh dear, a rave - I figure if I'm going to go out on the town with my few free hours, I should at least have some fun.
24: quiet saturday - Bike lighting & hard drive unscrambling.
25: not being much fun - Spending all day with my computer does little to please the girlfriend.
26: tame dinner party - As you might expect, nothing too exciting happens when we do dinner with Kim's Godmother's relatives.
27: audience to a business presentation - This time people are actually trying to impress me.
28: light charge - I'm a little faster with the bike light giving me security.
29: my robotic underlings - Some of the most satisfying work I do now is the construction of personal lackeys.
30: company party - We might be kind of wild after all.
31: The Gun of the Girl with the Garters - Halloween in Hillcrest and at the Crowbar.