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   November 1998

01: Dog Beach on a Sunday - Oh the dog diversity.
02: the noise of obscurity - That's where you fall when you fail to create.
03: election day '98 - It seems people are kind of sick of carping Republicans shocked by felatio.
04: Creator of Robots - And sometimes it makes me feel kind of godlike.
05: Eastern Medicine hocus pocus - I had texts full of meaningless verbage.
06: gay pizza parlour - After a certain hour the place changes from a family-oriented pizza joint to a swinging gay club and the Pope looks the other way.
07: stolen Cold Fusion book - And a dusty desert where there's nothing interesting for a dog to smell.
08: no piss on the palms - The first soaking rain of autumn.
09: trace of chill - It felt kind of like Eastern Fall here in San Diego today.
10: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The teevee show had an almost Simpsons-like quality for a moment but of course they blew it.
11: last time up the canyon - The teevee show had an almost Simpsons quality for a moment but they blew it.
12: company retreat - Mostly just drinking lots of booze up at Idyllwild after a day of moving and successful programming.
13: disillusioned - The grand pooh-bah at my company manages to alienate me and others at the company retreat.
14: living in Ocean Beach - The new home is relaxing.
15: goodbye to Rita - We pick up the last of our things from the cabana and Kim bids a tearful goodbye.
16: maybe I'll get fired - I send a strongly-worded email to one of the Grand Pooh Bah's henchwoman refusing parts of his culture. Also, I get angry about the situation during lunch.
17: open communication - We new people are herded together into a room to confront the Grand Pooh Bah about what we found disturbing in his lectures at the retreat.
18: it's really not so bad - Yeah, I guess I can work here after all.
19: I bowl like a programmer - Engineers go bowling.
20: lost Volvo keys - We can't find them no matter where we look so we have Kim's mother mail us a copy.
21: young overlords on Dog Beach - Two kids order their big canine charges around and humiliate them no end, but the dogs play along good naturedly.
22: Los Angeles & maternal relatives - Kim and I drive to Los Angeles and then visit my aunts and an uncle at a house warming in Orange County.
23: busride to Ocean Beach - I didn't even get an opportunity to cast aspersions on my fellow man.
24: new things - Nothing much happened except the database server crashed and a Kim shopping spree.
25: a system of rewards - If I'm really good, I get to take a shit.
26: thanksgiving with the rich folks - We do turkey day at the lavish mansion of one of Kim's somatics friends.
27: CD writer - Taking advantage of my new wealth, I buy myself a handy new mass storage device.
28: drunk visitor - While I'm typing, here comes the guy who sold Kim and me a cabinet some weeks ago.
29: walking my haircut - I ride my bike to Newport Street alone.
30: if a bug can exist - Problems with bad sector data in Windows 98 and negative vibes about the Christmas season.