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February 1997 | February 16th, 1997

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Birthday With the Goths

February 16th, 1997, Charlottesville, Virginia

Leticia the Brazilian Girl and Tiffany "battle" in a graveyard. Leticia is on top and Tiffany's thigh is showing.

A good picture of Tiffany at the Dynashack.

One of the Dynashack residents, Elizabeth, at the Dynashack.

From left: Will (friend of the Dynashack), Cecelia the Brazilian Girl and Gus at the Dynashack.

Cecelia the Brazilian Girl at the Dynashack.

Gus at Goth Central, drunk, on his birthday.

Cecelia's "boy next door," Hapless Mike.

From left: Gus, Theresa and her sister, Angela.

From left: Mike, Angela, Tiffany, Gus and Theresa in Goth Central. Clothes had trouble staying on Tiffany that night.

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