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February 1998

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more of the Aquarius Party, February 7th, 1998

From left: Cory, Natalie the German Girl, one of the Vegan Death guys, Sean (of the Councilors) dancing with Angela, Matthew Hart and Jessika. Angela is helping the Councilors with "the Poopy Song."

People amused by "the Poopy Song."


The Councilors. Zachary is their guitarist.


More punk rock mayhem.

Shira the Dog looking cute. By our estimation, today was her first birthday. Photo by Angela.

A dapper Zach before the show.

Raphael on Trombone

Raphæl plays the trombone in the kitchen. Photo by Jessika.

Joanna with Angela's fiddle

Joanna Road Rage plays Angela's fiddle in front of my painting Felis diabolica. Photo by Jessika.

Matthew Hart and Sarah Kleiner

Sarah Kleiner runs her fingers through Matthew Hart's hair in the heat of the Aquarius Party. Photo by Jessika.

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