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February 1998

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tussin' on Deya's 21st birthday, February 9th, 1998

the photos were taken by Angela

Jessika contemplates drinking the tussin with a look of disgust. Deya looks on. The painting in the background is one of mine called Wrong Room.

Jessika doing wheelchair tricks while waiting for the tussin to kick in.

Me rinsing tussin from my mouth

Disgusted with the tussin I just drank, I hold water for rinsing out my mouth. The scene behind me consists of the houses across Observatory from Kappa Mutha Fucka.


A peculiar flyer we found posted all over the Downtown Mall while we were on tussin.

The fine print on the peculiar poster. This is the sort of thing we often find while on tussin. What was remarkable was that the flyer still existed and could be scanned once the tussin had worn off.

assorted cute animal pictures
photos taken by Jessika

Shira chews a vodka bottle.

Shira the Dog being cute with a bottle of vodka.

Deya with Shira

Deya poses with Shira the Dog.

Deya with Wilbur

Deya poses with Wilbur the Cockatiel.

Me with Wilbur

Wilbur the Cockatiel examines my tongue. He likes to pick at our teeth and eat chewed-up food from from our mouths.

Me and a fairy

I pose with a mysterious white object up on Carter's Mountain. Jessika is convinced that the thing in my hand is a fairy.

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