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January 1998

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photos from the Philadelphia Suburbs, January 1998

most photos were taken by Jessika

Zachary plays with a billy goat behind Upattinas School west of Philadelphia.

Amanda (left) and Naomi Mushrock at the Blackhorse, a restaurant near Upattinas.


In the Blackhorse parking lot (from left): Amanda, Naomi Mushrock, Joanna.

Zachary and Peggy in the back of Joanna's car. Zach looks a lot like Balled Andy in this photograph.


Pierre in his music room. Note the green hair and overalls.

Joanna (left) and Peggy hanging out. Note Joanna's cold weather outfit, described by Jessika as resembling a "ski-bunny".

Me with Snowplow the cat in the back room of Balled Andy's garage. I was on tussin at the time and my hair was getting kind of long.

other pictures

This picture was taken in Charlottesville in April, 1997 to illustrate a semi-fictional book written by Steve Weiner about the Malvernians. From left: Johnny Boom Boom Mancini, Sara Poiron, Steve Weiner, Jessika and Joanna.

Jessika eating a raw clam in a manner similar to a sandwich I ate in a photograph taken in 1993. See the picture on this page.

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