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July 1997

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Kappa Mutha Fucka, July 5th '97

Observatory Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

biggy.jpg (24k)



From left: Jesse (with green hair), Peggy (back to camera), Leticia the Brazilian Girl, Theresa and Jessika in her lavender wig.

tpz.jpg (16k)


Theresa (head cut off) in her gothic finery along with Peggy and Zach. The latter two are reading printouts of critiques of the musings written by other keepers of online journals.

mbj2.jpg (31k)


From foreground to background: Jessika (in a lavender wig), Peggy's friend Beth and Monster Boy. Beth is reading the musings critiques.

theresa.jpg (31k)



  Theresa ranting and raving about the Amazons (the mythical tribe of female warriors). Click for a 353K animation.

guitar.jpg (19k)




I play guitar while Peggy and Zach stomp their feet.

Monster Boy and Gus (12k)



Monster Boy swings a chain while I read bad poetry.

babies.jpg (15k)




A herd of babies from the Salvation Army dumpster.


Jessika and I. I'm wearing a tee shirt given to me by Matthew Hart's friend CJ; it depicts reptiles having sex in various positions. Click for a 219K animation of Jessika and I making dolls dance to Siouxsie and the Banshees.

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