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July 1997

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Kappa Mutha Fucka, July 16th '97

Observatory Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

Rory and Diana (10k)



Rory and Diana the Redhead in poor lighting. Diana ( claimed to be wearing a "Wonderbra" that night.

Monster Boy with the Guns and Roses record



Monster Boy inside Kappa Mutha Fucka. Note the vinyl Guns & Roses record in the background, which I bought in 1989.

vg.jpg (11k)


Diana's roommate, Virginia (aka "Verge") and I on the Kappa Mutha Fucka front porch. The drinks contain rum. The bicycle is my main form of transportation.

Deya (13k)




Deya on the front steps with a rum-based beverage.

Rory (13k)



Rory on the KMF front porch. Later that night he stole Deya's car and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage.

Matthew Hart and drink (9k)



Matthew Hart with some sort of drink containing rum.

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