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September 1997

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Kappa Mutha Fucka, September '97

Observatory Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

Leah and Jeff



Leah under attack by a drunken Jeff, Natalie & Sarah's college chum, September 4th, 1997.

Matthew, Leah and Jeff


Matthew Hart is a little tweaked as Jeff continues to attack Leah. Jeff is giving me the old middle finger as a salute to my videotaping. (September 4th).



Sarah, September 4th.

Rory and Jessika

Rory and Jessika on the Haunted House back porch, September 19th, 1997.


Matthew, Jessika and Deya

From left: Matthew Hart, Jessika and Deya in Kappa Mutha Fucka, September 19th. Deya is reading a Dodge Dart repair manual.

Deya and Gus



Deya and me.


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