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skinheads and skinhead violence in Charlottesville

Links to materials, especially in my musings, concerning tough guys and wanna-be tough guys who shave their heads and wear black boots.

standing offer to skinheads & tough guys

tough guy tales from the days of Big Fun

Jealousy's Exciting Impact
(Fall, 1995) - How the girlfriend of Charlottesville's principle Nazi skinhead handles female competition.

Tussin and a Weird Social Mix
(early December, 1995) - A Nazi skinhead, some teenage girls, a cheesy speed metal guitarist, a skater punk, and a Charlottesville underground author/publisher all rendezvous with Big Funsters for Dextromethorphan-enhanced social chaos.

A Threatened Nazi Attack!
(Spring, 1996) - A local Nazi skinhead threatens to come whup some ass.

post-Big Fun tough guy tales

Space Party II
Lots of people, some of whom should probably die, attend a huge party at the Dynashack.

a stabbed Nazi in the hospital
We visit Eric Huffman in the hospital following his being stabbed by goth friend Persad.

big dumb skinhead
A belligerant Nazi introduces chaos into my scene.

a tough guy with a survival instinct
Craziness trumps toughness on the Downtown Mall. Also, more thoughts on my former housemates.

day full of passions
one of the supporters of Chaz critiques my website.

crazy trumps tough guy ensemble
I defeat a group of tough guy web critics on the streets of Charlottesville.

fashionably fascist
A pleasant conversation with an older skinhead leader named Wingnut.

confrontation with a Nazi
Eric Huffman is also upset with his coverage in the musings, and he really is a Nazi!

Frat Boy Machine: a demonstration
The Machine works perfectly, and I encounter a little actual violence with skinheads on the Downtown Mall of Charlottesville.

K-Mart shoppers
Wading into that desperate American world of the average. Also, a tough guy punches me in the nose.

testosterone and tough guys
Matthew Hart is hit in the head by a bottle thrown by cowardly tough guys poisoned by testosterone.

refrigerator full of forties
At a hip hop party, I get pursued by some angry girls who want to kill me for my anti-Chaz writings.

Skinhead Terminology

boot party
beating a person up after first ganging up and out numbering the person. Skinheads (like most people) are too cowardly to attack one on one.

a fellow skinhead.

a non-skinhead. This term is often used in confrontations when the outcome of an actual physical altercation is anything but certain.

kick ___ ass
to beat someone up. This is the usual way for skinheads to deal with any sort of problem, since more cognitive methods are difficult for skinheads.

witty, sarcastic, ironic, sardonic, or having redeeming literary value. In the anti-intellectual skinhead world, "smart" is a bad thing for something to be.