I Think This Once

You're beautiful, something you detest
There's stuff you need to get off your chest
I'm over rated and I have bad taste
I think this once we ought to act in haste.

You wear lots of rings and bracelets and such
You apply excessive perfume too much
You bleach your hair sometimes you shave your legs
Let's have a party with three Tussin kegs.

There's fifty guys wanting to have sex with you
I'd kick their asses but they're too damn cool
We go get vino in my punch buggy green
When you get to drinking you get to be mean.

You're so indifferent and so unconfessed
I have my doubts I'll ever see you undressed
I have no money and I have no name
I think this once we ought not to act tame.

Transcendent animal, uncaged at the carnival
Afoot is your star and no one knows who you are
Wicked with passiveness you engage me with recklessness
I am the booth and you are the bar.

You wear boots whose colours you change
You make a life of folks thinking you strange
You sleep at night in a big iron bed
Tonight I'll settle for the back of your head.

Who's that guy stalking you on the mall?
Now you avoid him but that'll change in the fall
You'll drink your vino and you'll follow him home
Stand in his doorway like Attilla in Rome.

You're so sublime and so oddly dressed
I say you bore me when I tire of my quest
I have urges that might make you freak out
I think this once we ought to tumble about.

Devoid of all passion you've found your own fashion
Hours on the phone, your voice monotone
Patiently listening you're distractingly glistening
A forgetful dog and I'm a buried bone.