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If you know of well-done or otherwise interesting Punk Rock-related sites, contact me, the Gus, and mention "Punk Rock" as at least part of the subject. I am mostly interested in Punk Rock culture and don't care to link to specific bands from this page.

Note: punk rock pages tend to be far more unreliable than most. Punks only stay punks for a brief part of their lives before settling down to become pleasant lawn mowing Christians, the sort that could easily win a school board election in any redneck town in Mississippi. Eventually they tear down their old punk rock sites or else convert them to sites about floral arrangements. As a result, many of these links no longer work. I am eventually going to restructure this page such that the old tried-and-true punk links will be at the top while the newer less certain links will be at the bottom.'s okay to criticize me, you know. Like, I think that Green Day is a lot better than the Clash ever were. And I think that the Ramones really weren't nearly as rockin' as Offspring is. Perhaps you disagree. Unless you write back though, I'll never know. M

To see what responses the preceding paragraph has provoked, check my punk rock mail page.

10 Things-a Punk Rock Zine out of Washington State.

1-2-3-4!-Andy Hall reviews his entire collection of recorded music. It is difficult to find such a collection of concise reviews any other single place on the web.

Andrew's Punk Page-Info about the Philadelphia Punk Scene. Knowledge of this scene is highly relevant to the Big Fun story.

The Beat Machine-"Techno punks" and the occult come together as never before.

Anti-Mall-One-stop counter-culture: Big Fun, Manic Panic, anarchy, goth and weird stuff.

Basement Magazine-an award winning (whatever that means) punk rock zine.

Beer Gut Sluts Homepage-dedicated to Punks who slack and drink forties. Who, among punks, does that leave, you may ask?

Bem-Vindo-a punk rock page focusing on bands, everything from the Sex Pistols to Nirvana, with a special section on "new punk" such as Offspring, NoFx, and Green Day. This is mostly in Portuguese, though an English Translation is under construction.

Big Bloodbath of Excitement Ezine-I met the creator of this site in Sam & Ellas Punk Rock Chat, where he was fond of extolling the virtues of Black Label Beer. Now he has an e-zine. Why don't you go crash that pad for awhile?

The Big Page of Punk and Ska-This features a good punk rock album cover art page. Oh, and Ska too.

Billy Eye and Judy Zee's Homeroom-Using the metaphor of the classroom, this site presents chronicles of the emerging Los Angeles punk rock club scene in the early 80s. There's lots of history here as well as good graphics and gobs of photographs.

Bloody Wanker-This e-zine contains lots of stuff about New York City Punk Rock and beyond. At every possible opportunity, the pages use icons and illustrations. The Other Links Page contains lots of hard to find, late breaking and unique links about punk rock, comics and politics. This site is unique for its comic book reviews.

Brazilian Ska/Punk/Hardcore-You've met the Brazilian Girls. Now see the scene from whence they came. Yes, some things are pretty cool in Brazil.

British Punk-a brief overview of classic punk rock culture in Britain.

Checkered Cab-A Washington DC-area Ska resource. This site is loaded with Ska links and has a very helpful definition of Ska which I really wish I'd read before writing my own embarassingly bad and misinformed definition of Ska in the Glossary. Of course, I'm not a big fan of Ska and I really don't think many of the punk rockers who like or even perform Ska are as into pre-Reggae roots-Ska as the maintainers of this page are.

Drunk Punx-Punk Rock chaos conclusively proving that Navigator Gold will bring a revival of the dreaded end paragraph tag (</P>).

XFend For YourselfX-this site is obviously a labour of love. In addition to the usual links and music reviews, this site contains well written opinions on issues concerning punk rock, the web, and of course the nature of being straight edge. I know, I didn't even define straight edge in the Glossary. Straight edge is about listening to obnoxious music and risking your neck on a skateboard while not altering yourself by means of meat or drugs. More sites related to this strain of Punk Rock society are listed later.

Fetch the Pliers!-a punk rock webzine out of Canada.

The Free Cheese Page-Skateboarding, black coffee and punk rock in Seattle.

German Punk-a list of links.

Gah-This site really freaks me out, like a bad trip. Take a look at those creeped-out pictures. There's cool photos of random punks as well as all kinds of GG Allin stuff, including photos of GG's obituary and death certificate.

Gnostic Friends Network-The webmaster here is someone I knew in college; he was perhaps the single most influential person during the period when my creative juices first began to unleash themselves. Here you'll find lots of wacked out images and crazy writing that go far beyond normal sardonic religious zeal.

Gonzo's Homepage-Hardcore & DJ'ing tips.

Hendrik's incredible wacky homepage-From the nation that owes boundless gratitude to the little lad with his finger in the dike instead of up his butt, this site caters to your every lo-fi punk rock desire.

Hijaiset Levyt-a well organized Finnish Punk website with links to lots of interesting stuff beyond Punk.

House of the Rising Punk-This relatively new site has the only good implementation of frames I have ever seen on the Web. It appears to mostly be a collection of links, but there are a lot of them and they are well organized. There's also a "Net Radio" which is a sort of punk rock jukebox.

Hyperreal-Mostly devoted to rave culture, this site has content that punk rockers can pillage as well.

InterNRRRD-An e-zine with some refreshingly diffrrrnt punk stuff.

It's called body lice...-This page is full of ranting and raving by an extremely idealistic non-punk who enjoys punk rock music for its intellectual qualities. There's even a link to a white supremacy page so you can see how dreadful those guys really are. It was a disturbing but educational experience. There's also a wickedly insightful quote from Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. Over all a very good punk site!

Japanese Hardcore Mission-It's all Japanese, folks.

Joker's page of Fun-PiL, the Sex Pistols and the Dead Kennedys, among other things.

Kill Yourself Punk/Ska Lyric Archive-Finally, the words to those incomprehensible songs.

LeT's pUnK rOcK-has some good links such as to cool video of the Queers, SmuGgleRs, ThE GrOoViE GhOuLiEs, Mr. T Experience, and Bad Religion at Lookout Records.

Lines to Avoid When Picking Up Punk Rock GrRrRrLlLlZzZz-Actually, these may just win you a sympathy-fuck.

Lupo's Punx Page-a beefy punk page with lots of links to the Punk underground.

Menace's Really Sucky Skate and Punk Page-As you no doubt have gathered, this page has been set up by someone given to self-deprecation. There's nothing here but links, but some of them appear to be available nowhere else.

Nepente Official Punk Page-Links to Sweedish Punk, with tales and other chaos to entertain the punk surfer, though I think some things suffer from the agony of translation.

New Jersey Punk Pages-Punk Rock from the dreadful state.

Da Page 'o" Punk-This would be another juvenile "fuck you, I'm dumb and punk, oh, and I know HTML!" page were it not for the fact that this site also contains an equally juvenile (but occasionally not so) "rant" section that would be a chat room if it ever picked up speed (One secret I'll let you into concerning the rant section is that it does process HTML.). Also there is the photo album, the only really anarchic visual documentary of punk in America.

Peace Out-despite the cool animations there's something really wrong (i.e. not cool) about this page, but still it's chock full of links to zines, bands and such.

Philly Punk-news, releases, shows, radio broadcasts (including pirate radio info) in the Philadelphia area. The guy who runs this page has met some Big Fun characters in Philadelphia's Stalag 13 warehouse.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy in the future-essays by children about the future of this Russian city, including one writer who looks forward to a punk rock utopia.

Poster Children Tour Reports-Okay, so I said I wasn't going to put links to particular bands here. But this is a special case, since this is a journal of this punk rock band's life on the road. As such this is a project very similar to that of the Big Fun Glossary.

Pronoia Page-The optimistic suspicion that the universe is conspiring on your behalf has been given the name "pronoia." This website relates more to raver culture than punk culture, but it does have some philosophical insights buried deep if you're willing to wade in.

Punk!-The philosphical writings of a Punk Rock Girl from Los Angeles.

Punk Jukebox-Informative brief descriptions of the most familiar punk bands, along with sample songs for you to play.

The Punk Page-Yet another ultimate Punk Page; it's straightforward and thankfully still doesn't employ frames. This page dates to the origin of punk on the Web, January 1995.

Punk Newsgroups-what's available concerning issues punk on the Usenet.

Punker Than Your Mother-An e-zine that has a corresponding paper version. The scene reports and shit list are my favourites.

Punque-This guy's pretty smart, and he's punk enough to own up to his pretensions. His focus is DC Hardcore, Anarchy and Oi!

Rock N Roll Juggernaut-A primitive and chaotic webzine.

Ronald's house of punkrock style and beauty-Punk Rock from a technological perspective.

Runk Pock as fudge!-Links to zines and bands.

Sam 'n' Ellas-Perhaps the best Punk Rock site on the web. Full of links and its increasingly famous chat room. Meet skittle, annie, pidge, brad religion, horas, and yours truely, Big Fun.

Seattle Uber Alles-an intellectual discussion of the acceptance of Punk Rock into mainstream popular music.

The Significance of the Length of Hair-my little essay on the role hair length plays in the paranoia punk rockers feel concerning the invasion of the poseurs.

Skinheads on the Internet-a starting point for an exploration of the world of the guys who shave their heads.

Slacker Punk Homepage!-Slacking and Punk were always good friends. Here they are hopelessly inter-twined.

Slamdance International Gig Guide-Want to chip your teeth in a place where they charge for the toilet paper? Here's where to look.

Official Sons of Survivor and Fakors Homepage-Punk randomness mocking the forgotten pop past.

SPITBROTHER-focusing on punk/hardcore in Stuttgart Germany, this site also features an inspiringly well written definition of punk rock by Stephen "Donny the Punk" Donaldson.

Spontaneous Combustion-A zine whose online archive includes interviews with Jawbreaker, Skinny Puppy, Descendants and Napalm Death.

XStraight Edge ParkX-For the rare breed of Punk Rockers who neither drink beer nor smoke anything. In this case, Straight Edge precludes sex as well. Happily, though, the guys who maintain this site are big fans of Slayer as well as hardcore. This site is based in Belgium.

Straight Edge-Even more straight edge. This site contains a good definition of Straight Edge. Its intention is to be primarily a hard core resource.

Suburban Home-Somehow these guys manage to use the word "retard" a million times without wearing it out. This is a cool zine out of Boulder, Colorado. Also features generous, high-grade sound clips.

Sweedish Punk/Hardcore-Those damn Swedes never gave up their long boats and horny helmets.

Talk is Cheap-Another Punk Rock chat. Supposedly popular, but nothing like Sam 'n' Ellas.

Too DrUnk to Punk-This very impressive site is crammed full of punk chaos and palpable energy. It contains everything from Quicktime movies of vintage 80s computer advertisements to do-it-yourself-terrorism links to Israeli punk/hardcore to naked gurrrrrlzzzz. The attitude here is inspiring.

Train Hopping-A resource for anyone who wants to travel for free via choo-choo train (something Morgan Anarchy did much of during the Summer of 1996).

Trendy Kids Suck-The name alone is reason to go here. But once in the door, there's photos of punk bands and homepages of Blink 182 and Assorted Jelly Beans.

Unity-With its Anti-Nine Inch Nail Page and the picture Pantera doesn't want you to see, this page is a real hoot! Also contains stuff about Baltimore Punk Rock.

Women of 1970's Punk-the Punk Rock Grrrrls that were.

World Wide Punk-a good starting place for Punk surfing.

Yet Another Punk Page-Guitar tabs and a market for new school punk videos.

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