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   homemade Valentine's save
Monday, February 14 2000
I'd been looking forward to this day with something akin to dread. I'm terrible with holidays; for me they're just a distraction from the task at hand, life. But Kim has always been into holidays, and for someone as romantic as her, a holiday celebrating the concept of love holds special significance.
So before I left work this evening, I made her a special Valentine's Day card using bright pink, black and red magic markers. The two largest hearts were arranged in such a way as to resemble the head of a penis and a scrotal sack. I showed it around to my co-workers and they were more bemused than anything else. Perhaps Karin the Over-involved Queen of Membersupport called me a "crack head" (as she always does these days). There goes that wacky Gus again.
After work, when I came home and found a big bag of Valentine's-related things that Kim had bought for me, it bummed me out. All I'd had time to do was make her that magic marker Valentine's card.
But the surprising thing was that she loved it just the same. It really was the thought that counted!
As Kim toiled away in the kitchen making us a Valentine's Day pasta feast, I walked Sophie up to the store on the corner of Voltaire and Sunset Cliffs and bought us a bottle of fine French Cabernet, vintage 1996. Kim had mentioned that she's the sort of girl who likes flowers, so I stole flowers randomly the whole walk back home. She was delighted! Another homemade Valentine's save!
Later on we watched the John Waters flick Hairspray, but there was entirely too much vintage early-60s dancing in it for me and I fell asleep. We recently moved the television into the bedroom so it's become even more difficult for me to stay awake for an entire movie.

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