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   March 2000

01: Daschund next door - Our new neighbors are asked to pay a $700 security deposit for a tiny dog.
02: parrots return - Foment in the compound and squawking parrots overhead.
03: train to Los Angeles - I take a train to a job interview in Los Angeles.
04: offer on a condo - Surprisingly, Kim and I decide to buy a condo, but not all of our ducks are lined up.
05: in bed with Clint Eastwood - A cold rainy day good for little more than watching old Clint Eastwood flicks.
06: job offer in Santa Monica - After much anxiety, I get a job offer and favorable word on my prospects for getting a real estate loan.
07: taxes: a pound of flesh - I find I owe $3200 to the various governments in taxes.
08: cold Thai restaurant - We do dinner in an unheated restaurant in Point Loma.
09: moving stress - Moving tops the list for stress-inducing phenomenon in Homo sapiens.
10: stumbling into a dull person's machine - I accidentally find myself connected to a complete stranger's home computer.
11: not Australian - Kim keeps bothering me with references to an old boyfriend.
12: hobbling through the Getty museum - Kim and I go with a La Jolla-based tour group to see the Getty Museum in Brentwood, just northeast of Santa Monica.
13: super freaky - Kim is in super freaky crazy panic psycho mode for most of the day while I toil away at SQL problems.
14: wacky day in West LA - We bail on the first condo and track down a much better one in West LA. Then we do a porno shoot for
15: programmer's life program - The code executed through a career.
16: flight attendant personality - What with the thousands of short-term contacts they make, never to renew, flight attendants have a rather different regard for friendship.
17: condo inspection - We bail on the first condo and track down a much better one in West LA. Then we do a porno shoot for
18: on repeat - The brief tale of a modern music fan.
19: Voltaire Park - A scruffy little park on an old parking lot.
20: not so subtle - Freaks and Geeks is tainted tonight by blatant anti-drug preaching.
21: loan situation - We get approved.
22: watching teevee - The Simpsons pepper episode and Law and Order.
23: graduation - Yes, Kim and I have done well in the past two years. A little too well, actually.
24: fading cultural relevance - Somehow Hitchcock's Psycho stays interesting all the same.
25: having an Ocean Beach yard sale - After the Mexicans come through, the show is usually pretty much over.
26: ice cream sangria - Kim and I pack stuff, have another yard sale, get drunk and fight.
27: big company work - Seriously considered as a big-time consultant for a big-time company.
28: making boxes - Packing all day with a photoshoot thrown in.
29: golden food - Kim and I use a gift certificate to dine at Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.
30: lectured me - My Dad tells me that I need to start acting like a Mueller.
31: indoor storage nightmare - Kim and I move to Los Angeles.