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Thursday, March 16 2000
"...being unlawful users of marijuana in possession of firearms."

-I wonder how often this statute is exercised?-

There was only one time in my life when I carried an illegal firearm, and it just happened to coincide with the period of my adulthood when I smoked the least amount of marijuana.

The neighbor Lisa and (more particularly) Jenna the German Girl hung out for a rather long time today just after the craziness of phone calls to Santa Monica had died down. We were drinking some fine Chilean vino, and for whatever reason I found myself spending more time socializing than doing what I should have been doing.
For the first time in nearly a year, once Kim had left for work, I actually found myself hanging out with Jenna the German girl all myself. She told me a number of things I absolutely didn't know about the flight attendant business. One of these things was the fact that, for most flights, the staff is a group consisting of employees who have never worked with each other before and probably will never work with each other again. This leads, it would seem, to a certain unusual social style among flight attendants. They form friends quickly but are not afraid to do things that might easily result in the end of those friendships, since the risk of doing so (in their professional life) is low. In their world, no social situation lasts longer than a few days, so there's no sense in forming deep, lasting attachments and there's also no sense and putting up with people who are assholes. I wondered if perhaps some of Jenna's temperament (particularly her bluntness) was a product of her career or if the opposite was true, that blunt extroverted people are the sort most likely to become flight attendants.

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