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   offer on a condo
Saturday, March 4 2000
Kim was so worked up about our need to find housing in Santa Monica that we drove there today, even bringing Sophie with us. "All the places available for April 1st will be coming onto the market and we need to be there or we'll miss out!" she insisted. As we sat down to a lunch of thick kosher meat sandwiches in Izzy's Deli, I thought we were going to be looking for rental housing, but after talking to our real estate agent and having him lead us on a tour of a "perfect" $250,000 condo on 11th Street, Kim was set on buying. Given the market, it was a good idea financially, but we didn't have everything set up quite yet. For one thing, though my job interviews have gone well, I don't have a job yet. For another, though we were agreeing to put 10% down, we only had about $22,000 in the bank. But there we were, with Charlie the real estate agent, telling little lies and filling out the forms necessary to make an offer.
This is not, of course, the way I like to do business. It makes me feel icky inside to find myself compounding one fib with another in an effort to set wheels in motion, especially when it's something as important as buying a piece of real estate. I hate the feeling that I might be "found out," and no series of events can lead to being "found out" faster than telling lies about financial matters. Indeed, most of my readers will probably chastise me for being crazy in going along with this series of events. However, in Santa Monica it definitely makes far more sense to buy than it does to rent. Our mortgage payments for this condo will run about $1800/month, which is less than we'd pay to rent a comparable place. Hopefully the housing plans made today will work out, but for the time being I have my doubts.

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