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Monday, March 27 2000
Two things happened today which were, for me, decidedly beyond normal. The first was that this online journal had its first kilohit day (thanks, Jami, John & Salon). The second was that a major company had me driven up to La Jolla to begin negotiations on having me do some major consulting work related to my community tools.
In other news, Eric V., our engineering friend who has been doing defense work in Ann Arbor, MI, suddenly got fired from his job and materialized last night in San Diego on an all-expense-paid job interview vacation. He's not exactly a model employee, but being an experienced signal processing programmer, he'll never be lacking of job opportunities. Eric wound up this morning in my gutted, desolate apartment and, after expressing no surprise whatsoever about the recent momentous changes in my life, launched into a long monologue detailing his own travails as an overworked, mistrusted defense engineer.

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