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   June 2001

01: survey me baby - I participate in a healthcare phone survey.
02: route around the high tech - I abandon my motherboard's processor fan power connectors. Also, I build an image rating system for the Vodkatea front page.
03: Punch Buggy Rust mission to Venice - John and I drive in the Punch Buggy Rust down to Venice.
04: pigeons and trees - I like pigeons and I wish I was a tree.
05: keep the introverts introverted - John and I go to see Rufus Wainwright but only catch two minutes of one of his songs.
06: not exactly dotcom fluff - More dotcom job jitters. Also: shifting musical interests.
07: housemate blows a gasket - John suffers some bleeding from an ulcer and is hospitalized.
08: why work when waste will win? - Thinking about dotcom waste.
09: Glendale art party - I go to an art party, smoke some hashish and have an okay time.
10: lousy pizza in Brentwood - John and I walk up to Brentwood on another sunny Southern California day.
11: McHoax - John and I stage a simple internet hoax, making a fake McVeigh execution MPEG.
12: mistakes will be limited to such things - I miss an electric bill and bitch about mail delivery in West LA.
13: who let the 'tards out? - duh, duh, duh - Embarrassed by our President in Europe.
14: not my recession - Also, John, Farley and I shoot some pool at two different Irish pubs.
15: the Hackensaw Boys in Los Angeles - I hang out with a band from Charlottesville and hook up with the booking girl at the venue.
16: morning in North Hollywood - I wake up with this girl Jennifer and decide she's a pretty cool chick.
17: don't bother me; I'm eating - I bitch out a legless man on the Promenade in Santa Monica when he bothers me for money while I'm eating.
18: condo for rent - John takes a job in New York and I put my condo up for rent.
19: condo not for rent - John decides to stay in Santa Monica.
20: Guided by Voices at the House of Blues - I finally get to see my favorite band play live.
21: John packs his shit - It looks like I'm moving to New York soon.
22: 40s and Adderall - We drink malt liquor, eat ADD medication, and visit Bathtubgirl in downtown Los Angeles.
23: the weight of hardware - Once again I'm sorting out what to keep and what to throw away.
24: the weight of impending departure - I experience a major funk as I psychologically prepare to leave Los Angeles.
25: seismic emergency preparedness - I confirm the presence of a seismic emergency cutoff valve on my gas line.
26: I'm painting you Mommy! - Witnessing a tyrannical child while waiting for my paint colors.
27: Genghis Cohen - A nightclub in Hollywood, seven miles away.
28: dotcom life preserver - Yahoo buys the company that employees me.
29: Bathtubgirl Productions Cancer-Birthday Party - I can work for Yahoo in New York, and I attend a party.
30: naps and house preparation - I prepare my house to be sold and take plenty of breaks to nap.