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January - Natural Bridge Virginia Indian Food Redneckistan Huxyz Faxxa Cuba Charlottesville Blue Ridge Maryland Bell Pennsylvania Slope Art Winer Oberlin God Sally Park Atlantic Avenue Monster Planet Army Plaza Brooklyn Bowery Ballroom Lower East Side European Paris Arrondissement Bank Tower Eiffle Louvre Chunnel London Lachaise Jim Morrison Georges Seurat Catacombs

February - New York American Advantage By Osama Enron Ben Jerrys North Free Trade Agreement W George Macintosh Windows SCII City Prospect Day President Street Diner Queens Straight Story Flash Ground Zero Manhattan Broadway Germs Steel

March - Chase Museum Six Feet Under D Village Soviet KGB Saloon Black Lipstick Fiery Furnaces Hank Vodkatea Batcave Lives Mercury Lounge Plains Variables Orazio Artemisia Gentileschi CBDTPA Scientology Tiger Woods Nike Macromedia Fort Green Jewish Russian

April - Jane Tutta Pasta Salon World Center VH1 Promised Land Middle Eastern AI Israel Isr Avalon Iceland Reykjavik HORN

May - Lagoon Reykjanes Bernardo Jessika Enid Ghost Catbirds Service Changes PS1 Jackson Heights Google Suze MP3s Bus Gap Tunnel Staunton Subaru Brat Eddie Rose Josh Mustin Horizon Field Peggy Abu Proteins Willow Hoagie

June - America US Airways Divident Miles Harry Louise Alleve Athlon XP Idol Donaldsland River Rabbi Danish Square HR Nazi Germany Hitler Hummingbirds Barred Owls Linux

July - Creepy Madison Garden Fourth Lin Shopping Mary Purdy Cara Mia Midtown Jamaican Kazaa Vale Cashmere Bloomberg Yo La Tengo John Julie Pedro Lion Wolfram Dummies West Mayfield Coney Island Aquarium Crazy Giant Carmel Celebrate

August - Great Dalmuti Liberty Minnesota Lynx Rosewater Washington Mystics Oregon Astoria Earth K Brian Jen FBI

September - Labor P3 MP3 Ray Nancy Aurora Borealis Thruway NY Clarence Kippur Yom Kitchen Daily Show Hell Clarkson Kelly ET Press Saugerties House Paltz Lineman Nights White Satin IUD

October - Honda Civic Stewart Red Hot Chili Peppers DMV Toyota Long Tim Garage African Amazing Eight Dollar Mile Office

November - Asian Yoga Catskill McPhee Hudson Greeks Lila Greek Betheda Rand McNally Midsize

December - DST El Salvadorian Infinity Broadcasting PVC Spring Ashokan Reservoir Mexican Standard Japanese