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   January 2002

01: Natural Bridge, Virginia - We actually pay to see this wonder of the natural world.
02: unnecessary chill - Things always stay bad after we fight until we bite the bullet and make up.
03: Staunton Indian Food - Yes - amazingly, you can get good Indian food in Redneckistan for the time being.
04: things about Cuba - We talk to Huxyz and Faxxa about their illegal trip to Cuba.
05: the stuffy architecture of Charlottesville - I realize how pompous and boring the buildings of Charlottesville really are.
06: the long snowy road to the cabin - A harrowing drive to Gretchen's parents' cabin in the Blue Ridge of Maryland.
07: Taco Bell fashion - Bluish-white eye shadow appears to be "in" in Central Pennsylvania.
08: cold walk to downtown Brooklyn - I go on a mission to find out about unemployment benefits in 2002.
09: cold walk to the South Slope - I visit with Art Winer, an internet friend who went to Oberlin.
10: in fear of Christian messages - Bedazzled proves entirely secular.
11: it's just a clerical error to you but - Problems collecting unemployment. Oh God, why does it have to be so hard?
12: Thank you, may I have another - A neighbor gets free high-speed internet access in Brooklyn.
13: oval foods - For me, carrots. For Sally, human turds.
14: fourteen for now - Young blond women discussing how many men they've slept with as they wait in a Park Slope post office line.
15: walking around downtown Brooklyn - A tour of the little restaurants and antique shops of Atlantic Avenue and adjacent environs.
16: now I love - With their service, I can apply for jobs and be sure I won't get them.
17: like nature films in tenth grade biology class - Animal Planet with the sound turned off.
18: Grand Army Plaza point of presence - I begin experiments with providing wireless internet access in my Brooklyn neighborhood.
19: birthdays don't take snow days - Gretchen's 31st birthday.
20: acoustic Jayhawks show - At the Bowery Ballroom on the Lower East Side.
21: off to France - My first European vacation begins.
22: a place just to sleep in Paris - On our first day in Paris, we walk around until exhausted and then rent a cheap little room in the 4th Arrondissement.
23: Left Bank fondue - Gretchen eats fondue and I eat escargot.
24: Eiffel Tower - We climb the Eiffle Tower.
25: waiting at the Louvre - We schedule a rendezvous at the Louvre, but it goes awry.
26: through the Chunnel - We ride the Chunnel to London.
27: wet sneakers - London proves rough on my worn out old sneakers.
28: Pere Lachaise - We walk to the cemetary where Jim Morrison and Georges Seurat are buried.
29: Paris Catacombs - A fun subterranean world full of seven million human skulls.
30: jumping the turnstile again - It only costs a dollar to get to the airport from Paris.
31: definite perks - An unemployment meeting. Also, creeped-out about Mormon history.