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   July 2001

01: festive streets of Central Los Angeles - I take a bus into downtown Los Angeles and retrieve my Punch Buggy Rust.
02: departure beers - I drink beers with John and Fernando on the eve of John's departure for New York.
03: patched nailholes in West LA - The aftermath of my housemate John.
04: flamboyant KFC bag - Lonely Fourth of July in Santa Monica.
05: an upgrade is available - I save a movie in a dreaded Microsoft format.
06: saved by the Matrix - A semi-depressing outcome happily thwarted by a crash of the chat server.
07: cleaning satisfaction - One can get job satisfaction from even the most menial of jobs.
08: spontaneous actual roadtrip to Oxnard - One can get job satisfaction from even the most menial of jobs.
09: alley karma - The alley givith when thou needith and the alley taketh when thou needith to get riddith.
10: the car runs good, but... - I'd been worried about the car falling apart on the drive to New York, but the relationship between Gretchen and me seems to be the real clunker in need of an overhaul.
11: last little Community Team reunion - Gretchen and I have a lot of sex and drink beers with an argumentative Kolja at the Waterfront Cafe in Venice.
12: an armload of household items - Gretchen and I visit some of her relatives in Hollywood and then we visit Bathtubgirl Productions.
13: off to Utah - Gretchen and I drive the Punch Buggy Rust to Parowan, Utah on our way across the United States.
14: trans-Rockies - Gretchen and I drive the Punch Buggy Rust to Boulder, Colorado on our way across the United States.
15: the Flatiron Range - Gretchen and I tour Boulder with her friends Jenny and Jimmy and then set off across Nebraska, stopping for the night in Kearney.
16: endless hills of Iowa - Gretchen and I drive across half the Midwest and stop over with her friends Jason and Mike in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
17: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Gretchen shows me her old stomping grounds in the upper Midwest.
18: ghosts of events in Oberlin - Gretchen and I stop off in Oberlin on our way from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh. We also experience two different car problems.
19: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Gretchen and I hang out with her medical resident brother Brian in Pittsburgh.
20: Brooklyn by sunset - We finally make it to Brooklyn, NY and I move in with Gretchen.
21: Siren Festival, Coney Island - We see Superchunk and Guided by Voices at Coney Island.
22: a 300K bid - Someone offers me 300K for my condo.
23: morning sardines - I go to my first workday in New York City.
24: Sally runs through Purebred Hill - I adjust my work schedule slightly and contemplate the protocols of the subway.
25: no crack staff on the humpday shift - We do happy hour in Time's Square Howard Johnson and we also eat a meal of linguine in Greenwich Village, which no one calls Greenwich Village.
26: Sally rolls in poo - At least that's what it smelled like. Human poo too.
27: Hudson Valley - The plan for the weekend was to drive the Punch Buggy Rust up to New Paltz.
28: trouble with small portions - We attend a libary fair in Woodstock with our New Paltz friends.
29: react to difference - Brunch in New Paltz, ho hum.
30: success rate at shipping - The United States Postal Service lost or damaged 25% of my parcels shipped from Los Angeles to New York.
31: bye bye Punch Buggy - I give my car to my old housemate John.