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   Sally rolls in poo
Thursday, July 26 2001
Sally emerged from the peripheral woods of Prospect Park this morning with a brown substance caked on her head, neck, and collar. This substance smelled suspiciously like fœces. Since Sally doesn't like to roll around in dog shit, I can only surmise this was human shit, probably shat by one of the three homeless people who'd slept in one of the wood-paneled entrance tunnels to the park. At the first opportunity I put Sally in a babbling brook and did what I could to wash the nasty stuff off, using mud and sand since I didn't have any soap.
Later in the walk we ran most of the way home down the middle of the Long Meadow. Sally almost caught an absent-minded squirrel who didn't look up and see her, and she was so excited by the nearness she'd achieved that she wanted to spend the rest of the day at base of the tree where the squirrel was treed, knowing that this was finally a squirrel stupid enough for her to catch if given just one more opportunity.
The weather is much cooler today than it was yesterday, and a spitting rain is falling from dark clouds gathered high above the towers of lower Manhattan. In my cubicle the air conditioning is set so low that I'm using a desk lamp to keep my exposed forearms warm.

This evening I talked on the phone to New Paltz Kristen, one of my old friends from the Harkness days, a friend with whom I would not be in touch were it not for the tirelessly pro-social efforts of Gretchen. Gretchen and I will be driving the Punch Buggy Rust up to New Paltz tomorrow to visit her, and according to Kristen, we couldn't be coming at a crazier time. Kristen is now a member of a nascent all-girl punk rock band which may or may not have a name. A recent idea for a song is one entitled "Rail Trail," a reference to a secluded wooded trail in New Paltz that used to feature a railway track. The song would be about a powerful black-minidress-and-red-lipstick-wearing woman dragging an aggravating man down to the rail trail and beating him viciously until he promises to leave town and never return. We decided the cover of the album should be in the style and pose of the controversial first cover for Gun's 'n' Roses Appetite for Destruction. [REDACTED]

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