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   October 2001

01: New York/anti-New York - A massive clothes shopping spree and thoughts about the ugliness of the World Trade Center.
02: poetry hell - I attend a tribute to A. R. Ammons.
03: indecipherable Morse code - Squirting Noah the cat for his annoying night time behavior.
04: Osama bin Laden of the feline world - The neighborhood alley cat is a regular cat who rubs against my leg.
05: good time to buy stock - I buy Southwest Airlines and Budweiser.
06: Fiery Furnaces at the Bowery Ballroom - I see the band for which Mikila is a drummer.
07: Boggle party - Strikes on Afghanistan and we host a Boggle Party.
08: masking a creepy form of male arrogance - Gretch and I attend a poetry reading in the East Village.
09: peaceful boredom of my afternoon - Computer headaches once more devour hours of my life.
10: dedicated to the task of keeping me from falling - Also, I meet that OLJ person Jay.
11: ice cold watah - Also, how watching CNN is like chewing gum endlessly.
12: museum of a museum - Gretchen and I visit the American Museum of Natural History.
13: star-shaped leaves - Also, about remaking the classic children's movie Free to Be You and Me.
14: in the bathtub or something stupid - I discover a hacker community built around the 3COM Audrey.
15: two-dimensional dissecting tray - I eat a dish cooked by Gretchen's friend.
16: East Village drunk - I get really drunk with that internet guy Jay.
17: free from the chains of nausea - A really unpleasant hangover ruins a perfectly good day.
18: modern post-snailmail reality - I pick up an envelope and start to wonder what path it has traveled.
19: one beer Friday - Gretchen and I walk around the Lower East Side with a guy named Jim who reminds her of her friend Spencer.
20: Sally and Suzy go to the beach - Gretchen and I go with Nancy and Ray to the Beach in Brooklyn.
21: Storm King - An outdoor sculpture garden brings in Upstate New York.
22: all hell - Is there anything more fucked up left to happen in the world?
23: Sally and Noah go to the vet - The Humane Society in the Upper East Side of Manhattan is one big lesbian soap opera.
24: Sally meets Suzy in the Prospect Park - Another beautiful Indian Summer day in Brooklyn.
25: we need to be confronting our fears - Also, a little something about the value of babies.
26: interstate buses in 2001 - I ride an interstate bus for the first time since 1989.
27: integrity of ancient information - I make a few interesting observations in the course of a long boring Conservative Jewish service.
28: wedding view on weak levels of tussin - I attend my first formal wedding, a traditional Jewish affair.
29: a black squirrel named Karl - I see a squirrel building a nest at Gretchens' parents place and then we drive back to Brooklyn.
30: de facto free - Wondering about consumer software in a post-Napster world.
31: hill billy handkerchief in Prospect Park - An especially quiet Halloween in Park Slope, Brooklyn.