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   September 2001

01: red ginseng berries - Gretchen and I drive to Staunton to visit my folks. It's my first summer in Virginia since 1998.
02: the towers of Carter's Mountain - We explore the infrastructure of Rcomm's wireless broadband system in Charlottesville.
03: the children's section of Barnes and Noble - Gretchen and I go with her parents into a Barnes and Noble with a plan to not buy anything.
04: eight seats northbound - We monopolize eight seats in the second car of a northbound Amtrak car on our ride back to New York.
05: neon fish - I imagine neon fish in the tunnels beneath the East River.
06: Mark Green household - I shake Alan Hevesi's hand anyway.
07: Soho Ethiopian food - Who knew they'd throw in a boiled egg with my chicken?
08: unstoppable white ghosts - I try to fix monitor artifacts.
09: I like teevee - Sometimes all I want to do is hang out in front of a television set.
10: late night Q line - John and I paint the lower Park Slope and the East Village red.
11: crazy day in the free world - The World Trade Center is destroyed by civilian jet liners.
12: disaster tourism - I walk south down Manhattan and approach the crushed World Trade Center.
13: workday in the new skyline - My first workday in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack.
14: candles in the villages - A day of commemoration and reflection in New York.
15: Norway rats or house flies - Lots of luck trying to get those guys.
16: not-especially-copious - Chalk sidewalk drawings of fighter jets.
17: nothing a little alcohol can't fix - How to cope.
18: post-centralized - All around the world, centralized structures are breaking down or being targeted.
19: expedient memorials - Gretchen and I are moved by the paper and wax memorials in Washington Square Park.
20: watching a lumberjack perform - Bush makes the speech of his life and I satirize our religious response to the World Trade Center attack.
21: oversized entropic gothicness - I see the ruins of the World Trade Center.
22: ecstatic disaster tourism - Gretchen and I see the ruins of the World Trade Center while on ecstasy.
23: infidel weed - Real estate prices drop in Brooklyn.
24: loops in motion - Life in New York at the time of its demise.
25: beneath a faint brownish cloud - How real burritos are made.
26: I copied, I want to paste - A few complaints about the KDE desktop.
27: indistinguishable contemporary revival - I go to O'Connors all by myself.
28: population explosion of vampires - What to do with all that Red Cross blood?
29: mandatory in this city - Gretchen and I eat out at Uguale again.
30: swing dancers and boggle enthusiasts - Gretchen and takes me to a pot luck dinner in Park Slope.