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Thursday, November 14 2002

Gretchen received her barter massage this morning from Cornelia in Woodstock (it was in exchange for her birthday cake) and then I dropped her off at the Kingston bus station because she had some traveling to do. Her friend Jason in Milwaukee expects his father to die soon from brain cancer and she wants to be with him in his time of need. [REDACTED]
I spent most of the morning continuing with work on the little inset shelf above the bathroom toilet, which I managed to make into a form of rather quirky complexity. Since this house is so big, bland, and new, I like the idea of infusing its surfaces with occasionally outbursts of bizarre detail and oddly-shaped features. Even accidental excesses of entropy, characteristics that would normally be considered less than ideal, contribute much-needed character to this place. For example, the mottled surface of the paint in the Sealife Bathroom, a legacy of the anti-wallpaper jihad, actually looks better than the usual smooth paint surfaces seen in the rest of the house.
Later I worked on hanging smaller pieces of drywall that I could get into position on my own. It's just one of the many general contractor type tasks I can muddle through in the most unprofessional, least straightforward way imaginable.

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