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   December 2002

01: African American Thanksgiving - Musing about the relevance of Thanksgiving to black culture.
02: not robot radio - WDST in Woodstock is worth listening to.
03: why he had such a shitty job - A racist carpet measurer and a cranky old rental equipment loader.
04: elements of a former owner's taste - One should always preserve elements of a former owner's taste, no matter how bad.
05: talk s l o w l y about something - A little snow falls again here near Hurley and the drywall boys walk in.
06: inverted patriotica - An El Salvadorian restaurant in Kingston, NY, our drywall guru is about as ghetto as a white boy can be, and a method for onsite drywall disposal.
07: Rhinebeck on a Saturday night - We go see a movie across the Hudson.
08: leg breath - Our dog finds a deer leg in the woods. Also - when you think you might have had a need for more math education.
09: drywall as a thermal mass - I pile a bunch of drywall into a kitchen plumbing pipe soffit.
10: fun with hydronic heating - I build out a hydronic heating zone for my studio.
11: crypto-syndication - More hydronic work and listening to an Infinity Broadcasting lite and easy station.
12: teachers love freezing rain - A teacher comes to visit on her weather-induced vacation and I install a fan-augmented hydronic heater.
13: cutting brass - It's hard but also springy.
14: ice cream scoops of brain cells" - Crazies and retards in antique stores, and welding PVC pipe.
15: install leaking plumbing - The homeslices and I install a tub but then I struggle to keep it from leaking.
16: flat, unremarkable surface - Carpet is installed upstairs and I begin finishing the bathroom.
17: the only one who was really trying to keep them small - The sad state of drywall craftsmanship.
18: the Great American Spring - It strives for the center but now it's stuck on the right.
19: instant cement-salvaging project - I spread surplus wet cement and flat stones on the surface of the boiler chimney.
20: obviousness continuum - How obvious should it be?
21: inside corner that turned into an outside corner - Finishing work on the stairs, etc.
22: raised as human veal - When a guy is excessive with his patritotism, I begin to wonder about what is hidden in his basement. Also, we take our guests to visit Ashokan Reservoir.
23: short flight of steps - Making my own stairs and buying a Mexican-made American Standard toilet for the new bathroom.
24: when one drops a closet bolt - A toilet installation goes awry when I drop a closet bolt into the floor.
25: Jewish Christmas in Woodstock - We drive to Woodstock during a Christmas blizzard and eat Japanese food.
26: what it's like to marry an African drummer - I think it's best to have a string quartet play at your wedding.
27: knot of accidentally-hardened stone in its heart - I try to use an old bag of bad mortar.
28: handy centralized storage provider no more - Gretchen's parents arrive with most of her remaining childhood possessions.
29: the useless stores of Rhinebeck - Going to Rhinebeck with Gretchen's parents.
30: chiseling away at the grout - Forced to remove tile in new construction.
31: Hyde Park, New York - We go see Franklin D. Roosevelt's mansion.