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   November 2003

01: Sam's Point - Ray and Nancy come up from the City and we hike atop the obdurate Shawangunk ridge.
02: Waltham, Massachussetts - We visit an open studios event near Boston.
03: plateaus above Hurley Mountain Road - The dogs and I find the basement excavation of a long-vanished house.
04: prototype cake - Gretchen makes a test cake and the neighbors come over to help us eat it.
05: working on diphenhydramine - A sedative turns up in some pain medication I randomly find in the medicine box.
06: luck isn't always of the bad variety - A flat tire could have been much worse had a woman not suddenly showed up with an air compressor.
07: broken cycle - My teeth feel better, perhaps because I didn't clench them all night.
08: eclipse over the Rosendale Theatre - Gretchen and I watch Mystic River in Rosendale.
09: presumably Emmanuel clambers - Gretchen and I watch the Elizabeth Smart Story on broadcast teevee.
10: unique computer fragrances - Usually computers smell exactly like the places they come from.
11: piracy/anti-piracy: an elaborate ecosystem - But the pirates have much greater resources.
12: vast archipelago of negligible real estate - I keep bumping into people from my college no matter where I go.
13: not wasting targeted commercials - We respond to radio spot for a Kingston accountant.
14: inventing new dances - Pantomime an activity over and over while swaying back and forth and you too can invent a dance!
15: bondage schoolgirl - Concealing cake defects and a horrible cat-inflicted gash.
16: Park Slope wedding - These rituals aren't getting any more interesting.
17: slab of meat in my mouth - My tongue, following some dental work.
18: hunting season in Hurley - Who among the moving will survive?
19: playa at Forum - I leave a hip new Kingston bar with a woman and receive props from a man out in front.
20: not staying for what they all want to hear - I randomly run across Big Fun's Jatasya when I randomly attend a Lynrd Skynrd concert.
21: bad luck with a drill - The installation of an æration system for our water accidentally damages a hydronic pipe.
22: Tim O'Brien at WKZE - In Sharon, Connecticut for some live bluegrass/folk and pizza.
23: Methodist refreshments - Attending a piano concert in a protestant church.
24: Honda Civic dashboard deconstruction - Installing a new dashboard radio proves every bit the hassle I expect it to.
25: menorah 2 - I make another menorah, and think about why I wouldn't want to make them professionally.
26: menorah 3 - I make a third menorah, this one with near-perfect geometry.
27: Thanksgiving 2003 - A holiday of gluttony celebrated with restraint.
28: unification simplicity - Either by soldering things together or by buying an all-in-one eMachine.
29: Traveler's Delite - A motel with a creepy cocktail bar at exit 173 on I-80 in Pennsylvania.
30: grilled cheese at Danny's - Gretchen and I come home from our trip to Pittsburgh.