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Wednesday, January 7 2004
I had a housecall today that went on for five hours, and it was unusually interactive. It's rare that I'm in situations where I have to talk nearly-continuously for that amount of time. The thing about it was, not all of the talk was work-related, and so it often distracted me from the task at hand, which mostly consisted of setting up an Apple Airport network, moving files from one laptop to another, and installing software. [REDACTED]
When I got home, I was so exhausted that all I really wanted to do was take a bath. Later, though, I continued work on my spam filters, further tweaking the Procmail recipes based on the spams that were still getting through. I have to be careful with my interest in this stuff; it's yet another thing that it's possible for me to obsess about. I wouldn't want the unattainable goal of no spam to become my cold weather Stick Trail project.

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