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Hello, my name is Judas Gutenberg and this is my blaag (pronounced as you would the vomit noise "hyroop-bleuach").


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January - Accord NY PVC Catskills Google Rosendale Caf County Upstate New York Dragon Federation God The Incredibles African Ecuador Ayora Galapagos Santa Fe Seymour

February - Los Gemelos Quito Old Town River Amazonia Tower Sacha Lodge Coca Cuba Spanish Javier La Pupuseria ZaA Gnutella Staunton Trail Hudson WiFi GUIs Ro Pixies Snow Patrol Republicans Democrats McGee Uptown Peter

March - Powers Club Helsinki Great Barrington C DC John OL Boxer Rebellion Dogster Titanic Stick Fi Prize Ick Schiavo Tom Hot Tub DeLay Gimp Mountain Metallica Terry Hill India

April - NuChristianity Valley East Pit Bull AOL Flute Mozart Met NYC Upper West Side Morgan Meskerem Tryst Intel Microsoft Judaism Jersey Place Fording Metal

May - Iraq Kerhonkson Hager Mr Treat Gander Quarry Esopus Hold Steady Stewarts Ewen Rose Red Team America World Police Walk Bridge Low Destroyer Mormon

June - Tivoli Willow Joyous Lake Eagle Nest Poughkeepsie Bush Tillson Brooklyn Paltz Bard Shawangunk XP Windows PA Falls

July - Sandra Day O Connor Lyme Culture Festival Hunter Grand Theft Auto Catskill Six Feet Under Rican Tillsons Fox Bluegrass Street Fair Ulster Pythagorean Theorem Rhinebeck Me You Everyone We Know Falls

August - Boxelder Malo Atomic Burrito Charlottesville Queen City Shenandoah Phil Downtown Mall It Philadelphia Kurt Vonnegut Honda Civic Lance Brothers Teaneck Home Depot Shuttle

September - Norquist Orleans Churchill Treadwell Grizzly Man VOA Mansions Road Istanbul Land Tel Aviv Isr

October - Dead Sea Jerusalem Earth Palestinian Ramon Rosh Hashana Arab Arava Desert Isr Wadi Rum Taybet Gypsy Eilat Sofia Mosque Bank Tour Topkapi Palace Bazaar American Kippur Al JFK Middle Redhook Trout Stewart Tivo Daily Shows Bill Maher Onteora Stuff Mick Jagger Yoko Ono

November - Gorilla Glue TM Inn Krumville Boy Scouts This Life Toyota Prius C74 Boiceville Sia Norton Internet

December - House Painters Design Macs Handsprings What Bleep Do Year Virgin Target Rev Farm Animal Sanctuary Fruit Q A Pearson Phoenicia Avenue Friendster Berkshires Hampshire MoCHA