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Saturday, January 1 2005
Today Gretchen began her campaign to find Pitunia a home with someone we know so we can see her grow up and otherwise be her god parents, if it's possible for atheists to be called such things. Our first prospect was Gretchen's friend Robin, with whom she works on animal sanctuary issues. So today Gretchen invited Robin and her husband over to meet Pitunia, whom we were still fostering. They also brought their dog Waldo, a spry 13 year old former stray. We all went on a walk in the unseasonably pleasant weather to and from the abandoned go cart track so our prospective dog parents could see how well Pitunia behaved off-leash and in her interactions with Waldo. Everything seemed go swimmingly outside, but Robin seemed unfamiliar with the way excited dogs play with each other and seemed to freak out every time Eleanor and Pitunia started going at it. It's a pretty common thing for someone unfamiliar with dogs to ask if two playing dogs are actually fighting, and Eleanor and Pitunia are pit bulls, but I was surprised that someone who actually lives with a dog would have that question.

Yesterday I'd begun work on a simple wine glass rack made of copper plumbing pipes. The idea was to make one of those racks where you slide the stem of an upside-down glass into a slot and it is held there by gravity. I made the measurements and put together a winning design, one capable of supporting about twenty glasses. It was big enough to hold every single one we have, including the eight extra-large glasses we bought the other day in Albany. Strangely, though, I had difficulty finding any studs in the wall above the kitchen sink where I was installing it. There didn't even seem to be a header over the window, which was a little unsettling considering the fact that the window lies in a hole that passes through a roof-bearing wall.

The new wine glass rack made of copper plumbing pipe, above the sink in the kitchen.

Eleanor takes another nip out of Pitunia's neck.

Pitunia (left) and Eleanor in the teevee room.

Fake brick on the chimney in the teevee room. That's a thin veneer of tinted Portland cement.

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