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   December 2004

01: bluestone bandit - I use a wheelchair to steal that perfect piece of bluestone from Onteora Lake.
02: hoisting the bluestone shelf - Also, concerns about a parcel of land behind ours.
03: typos on my keyboard - Not really, but they form a dense blanket over its packaging.
04: supplemental broadband - I discover a mysterious new access point in the course of normal wireless experiments in the laboratory.
05: 200 gays in Kerhonkson - Gretchen and I attend a benefit concert in the reddest part of a blue county in a blue state.
06: Court of Esopus - In which I get represented by an attorney who happens to be a friend.
07: informal Chanukah home inspection - I look at the Meatlockers' new place in Tillson.
08: fun with a DWL-800AP+ - Now I can make wireless networks that used to be impossible.
09: forced to hear HGTV commericals - My hands are covered with wet thinset so I cannot wield the Tivo remote.
10: ever have an opportunity to steal - Suffering more at the hands of a Hawking router but getting a little unexpected joy out of Pat Boone's covers of heavy metal standards.
11: poetry and a non-Jewish adventurer - Gretchen reads poems in Woodstock and then we see a slide show.
12: semi-virtual equivalent of the Stick Trail - In which I wonder aloud what would happen if I successfully guessed the password on the neighbor's wireless broadband router.
13: network pseudopod - In which I run an ethernet cable complete with makeshift PoE into a neighbor's field in pursuit of an elusive access point.
14: limits of her constricted arteries - Dealing with type-A bank employees.
15: Pitunia the dog - We discover an Eleanor doppleganger and I make another copper swing lamp.
16: rock 'n' roll lightbulb - A little 25 watt guy who barely protrudes from his socket.
17: dinner with neighbors - Not taking good neighbors for granted.
18: dinner with new couples - Gretchen hosts another of her culinary spectacles.
19: wasted no time in wasting little - I go back to the site of a deer corpse in the forest. Also, watching Boogie Nights and resurfacing a chimney.
20: face hurting cold - It's so cold that a broken iBook comes miraculously back to life.
21: high-tech wizardry to function - Talking about the castle of Bill Gates at a newly-purchased house in Tillson.
22: like folks do in horror movies - I encounter a daylight owl and worry about Clarence the cat.
23: 2.4 GHz copper pipe Yagi - I build an experimental 802.11B Yagi using soldered plumbing supplies.
24: blind cat hearing - I meet a blind cat who manages to function rather well without being able to see.
25: Jewish Christmas, 2004 - This time with our friends from Tillson.
26: that wave - A tsunami in the Indian Ocean and someone riding the wave of Firefox at a Boxing Day party.
27: profit factor of eighteen - Why banks charge what they charge for customer transgressions.
28: pheasant protest - Standing around waving signs in front of the Ulster County Office Building on a cold December day.
29: tsunami porn - Watching the waves crashing in over and over again and marveling at the stupidity of humans on a beach.
30: mall adventure, 2004 - Craving trousers and Indian food, we drive to Albany.
31: New Years with Pitunia - Also, my impression of authenticity of the Taco Shack in New Paltz.