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   face hurting cold
Monday, December 20 2004
The thermostat read nine degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and this was accompanied by a vicious wind. When I went to take the dogs for a walk I could take them no further than the site of the dead deer. By that point the cold was so intense that my face was hurting and I had to turn back.
A friend named Julia dropped off Carlos, an occasional doggy houseguest who will be staying with us for the next nine days. Carlos is a good boy but he has a tendency to whine with the slightest provocation. What could he possibly be wanting?

[One possible explanation for the whining was revealed the next day when I discovered three separate piles of dog feces on the carpet down in the primary basement guest room. Though he'd only shit in one room and despite the fifty degree chill there, the whole downstairs reeked. I guess Carlos didn't have the doggy door completely figured out, even though he's stayed here before. Perhaps the snow had him confused. There's been an inch-deep accumulation since Sunday night.]

This evening I took delivery of an iBook sent by one my readers. Supposedly it had a bad hard drive but when I plugged it in it started up without any problems, perhaps because it had been sitting in a frozen UPS truck for so many hours. And it continued working without problems well after it had warmed up.

[The next day the hard drive started making the classic tick of death, which means it will definitely have to be replaced. A Google search informed me that the replacement of an iBook hard drive is a complex operation that takes a good two hours of work. I'm glad I know this before a client asks me to do the job. Of course I'll do it for myself if it means I can have an iBook, which would be an even better travel computer than my ultra-thin Vaio. It is nearly as small but includes an integral Airport card, a DVD player/CD burner, and 380 Megs of RAM. Best of all, it has a battery life nearly as long as a coast-to-coast airplane flight.]

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