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Thursday, December 16 2004
This morning I got around to installing Gretchen's new copper swing lamp over the bed, but I wasn't happy with the bulb, so I got a replacement when I was in Stone Ridge after a housecall, stopping in the place on US 209 that bills itself as the "World's Only Rock 'n' Roll Hardware Store," Marbletown Hardware. It plays WKZE on the store stereo, which might not be the most rockin' station around, but at least it's not Clear Channel.
In that first copper lamp I made, Gretchen installed a fancy glowing sphere of a bulb that uses some sort of bleeding edge illumination technology. Whatever produces it, the light doesn't come easily. You actually have to wait for the bulb to boot up before you see anything. I didn't want such a fancy bulb for the new lamp. I wanted a low-wattage spotlight, one like they have on airplanes so you can read your New Yorker while the fat slob next to you is sleeping and farting his way to Chicago. Well, unbeknownst to me, they sell just such a bulb at Marbletown Hardware. The 25 watt spotlight utilizes so little glass that it barely emerges past the top of the screw threads. It was the perfect thing bulb for the job; it's the bulb you see when you look at yesterday's picture of the swing lamp, which I actually took today.
I took a number of other pictures this morning when Gretchen and all the critters were hanging around the fire in the woodstove. Lulu has become a particular convert to the woodstove religion, prostrating herself for hours at a time at its altar.

From left: Sally, Lulu, and Eleanor.

Eleanor. Click to enlarge.

From left: Gretchen, Sally, and Lulu. Click to enlarge.

The chimney in the television/map room these days.

Julius and (in the background) Eleanor. Click to enlarge.

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