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   January 2005

01: copper pipe wine glass rack - I find yet another practical sculptural use for copper pipe.
02: goddamn octopus - A little afternoon party in Accord and I learn that my free hosting situation is ending after seven years of good luck.
03: fifty screws - My ordeal with swapping out a hard drive in a 14 inch ice-white iBook.
04: Uptown honky tonk - Gretchen plays centipede in an unintentionally fashionably retro bar in Kingston, NY.
05: forces from these jumps - Snow falls, I nurse a light hangover, and use PVC to keep a cat feeding table from wiggling.
06: sleet bearings - A wintery mix in the Catskills.
07: more tangible than the internet - Somehow printing across a network from a wireless laptop blows the mind more than Google does.
08: thermal-mass additions - Storing and radiating heat for the good of cats and science.
09: straight but not the straight man - Conversation in the Rosendale Café that consists only of punch lines.
10: the Ulster County legislature bows to madness - A surreal scene of local government in action in Upstate New York.
11: Grand Dragon of the Federation - Newspaper articles appear about last night's freakshow.
12: cross evangelism - The tables are turned on Gretchen when her anti-birthing crusade meets up with an attempt to swing her over to veganism.
13: warm rain in January - It's snowy outside but could pass for an evening in June.
14: January monsoon - Also: sobbing and demanding for God to explain why.
15: audience when I'm doing web drudgery - I enjoy doing web work for entertainment. Also, a sleepthrough of The Incredibles.
16: cat ladder - I build a ladder for the cats based on an African design.
17: arrival of the dead of winter - Also, convincing a client to save her ripped music.
18: just in time logistics - I plan for Gretchen's 34th birthday.
19: most delicious vegan chili - Gretchen's 34th birthday party with the vegans of Woodstock here in Hurley.
20: bright red with frozen marrow - Sally enjoys ribs from the dead doe deer after I attempt an unsuccessful bluestone harvest using a hand truck.
21: mysterious ways - Irritating clients, a not-entirely flawless dinner party, and then temperatures drop to zero.
22: Panera bagels - I waste time in a bread franchise while waiting for snow tires to be installed.
23: he who dealt it - Beginning the trip to Ecuador and giggling at bathroom humor.
24: thin air of Quito - By the time the thin air merges with vehicular exhaust, there's not much left to breathe.
25: sailing out of Puerto Ayora - In a rich stew of living creatures on the Galapagos island of Santa Fe.
26: thirsty mockingbirds - The little descendents of storm-tossed ancestors convince me to dispense some fresh water on the island of Española.
27: snorkeling with a sea turtle - I actually reach out and grab a rubbery flipper.
28: rookeries of North Seymour - Fecundity in the face of death.
29: barefoot across the lava - Masked and Red Footed Boobies nesting on a remote island just north of the Equator.
30: snorkeling in Sullivan Bay - I perfect my snorkling technique in this iconic landscape.
31: Darwin Station - A hot sun bears down on my weakening body during my first day permanently back on land.