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   fossilizing pine needles
Tuesday, October 26 2004
The east slab resurfacing project ended the day a little over three quarters finished. My hands are ruined from coming into constant contact with concrete and mortar, but I find I can't really shape these substances and force them into the places they need to go unless I handle it with my bare hands. Every small injury on my fingers is a flaming hole of pain. Meamwhile, the tips of all my important fingers are shot from constantly picking up and manipulating rocks. Like the US Military in Iraq, they've been overextended for months (though only a couple in their case). Consequently, the plucking of constantly-falling pine needles from the surface of the slab has become a delicate and potentially painful (though still necessary) procedure. I can't get them all, they fall so quickly, so some of them will turn up as fossils for some future civilization to debate about.


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