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   June 2005

01: home of the scared - Also, a visit to coastal Tivoli.
02: breadcrumbs and cat hairs - A dead laptop in Willow.
03: the Mammals at Joyous Lake - Also, I eat $30 worth of sushi.
04: dataparticles - Imagining a dystopian future and then spending another evening in one.
05: what of the mother phoebe? - Also, a party up on Eagle's Nest.
06: bombmaking supplies on Mondays - Cowboy electrical work in Hurley and a motherboard replacement in Poughkeepsie.
07: an idea for better malware survival - I suggest malware authors incorporate anti-spyware technology in their malevolent programs. Also, I bitch about the Bush administration's tobacco settlement.
08: saved by the asbestos - Doing miserable electrical work in an attic on a hot day, I find a substance that brings the whole thing to a screaching halt.
09: phoebes depart - The babies leave the nest and I compose a country music song in my dreams.
10: ghost car in an obscenity-cloaking song - We relive childhood ditties with our friends from Tillson.
11: 26.6666666667 times - A book release party in Brooklyn after 20 years of gestation.
12: gay pride versus basketball - Gardening on a roof in Brooklyn, a parade in New Paltz, and a mansion full of Bard students.
13: rock for creationist friends - A reef of Shawangunk conglomerate in a faux historic yard.
14: Windows XP vs. 2000 - I find myself having to reboot Windows XP more.
15: passing through Rochester township - I find myself having to reboot Windows XP more.
16: imperfect walls - The domino effects of basement wall failure and what can be done to stop the madness.
17: Rondout trestle - An afternoon in gentrifying Rosendale.
18: makeshift arbor - Also a makeshift PA system at an animal sanctuary shindig.
19: Woodstock drum circle - Drumming is a sad spectator sport but loads of fun for participants.
20: not sufficiently sagey - Painting a wall in a windowless room.
21: dogs die in hot cars - The first day of summer, and there's no shade in the parking lots.
22: Galileo and the flag - The battle between faith and reason and the battle between ideals and symbols.
23: the reptile remembers - I have a flashback while painting a closet.
24: clouds of mosquitos - They concentrate on our guests.
25: High Falls lock - The battle between faith and reason and the battle between ideals and symbols.
26: strategic marketing on the Rondout - Another Kingston fireworks display.
27: giant teapots around Venus - Brilliant artists and the maddening absurdity of their world views.
28: better river stones - The kind that aren't too ovoid are much more useful.
29: fossils in the Chamomile - In the rain I can see the fossil patterns on rocks more clearly.
30: too many happy pills - Friendly old ladies and car crashes in West Hurley.