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Thursday, December 17 2009
Yesterday I'd been worried about perhaps coming down with something (the swine flu?), but today it seemed my nose was no longer runny and I hadn't developed a sore throat. This might indeed be the first time in my life where a runny nose commenced on one day and then dried up and went away on the next. Usually when my nose starts running, I'm definitely coming down with a cold and my nose won't stop running for at least a week. When I told Gretchen about this happy state of affairs, she naturally gave credit to my mostly-vegan diet. It's possible, though I remain a skeptic. It could also be that at 41 years of age, my immune system finally has the training necessary to cope with normal seasonal cold infections.
I was feeling so good that I spent much of the day gathering firewood mostly in the manner described yesterday. At some point I also went down the Stick Trail and retrieved four pieces of the large fallen tree I'd cut up the other day.

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