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   December 2009

01: yellow wood - Ramping up the gathering and processing of salvaged firewood.
02: arugula and basil - Planted in my special homemade greenhouse soil.
03: a harmless nut - But our suburban neighbors have to deal with Crazy Dave the way he is.
04: cold and stink - The brownhouse only stinks when it's cold and sunless, and then only just barely.
05: halo show - Meeting fun new people, as often happens, at KMOCA.
06: officially on vacation - Not dragging my ass to go into city for some vegan thing.
07: completely self-maintaining - I decide the boiler is finally fixed.
08: metal failures - An overtaxed woodcart and an underbuilt intermediate pipe.
09: roots rock and the poptimists - Also, preparing a greenhouse and brownhouse for cold weather.
10: there among the thousands of robots - Muddling my way through site configuration at a big discount web host.
11: couch transplant - A new enormous couch for the upstairs.
12: throat and tongue attachments - Extroverted at a Christmas party.
13: blending of branding domains - A snowy day and Ray announces he is vegan, at least for now.
14: ancient porcelain door knobs - Ray and Nancy see inside the Basin Road house.
15: physical humuncular manifestation - Mouth sores from work commitments and firewood gathering.
16: wellhead sawbuck - Dragging home sections of tree cut up with a bow saw while my chainsaw is on the fritz.
17: not sick - My runny nose goes away and I can harvest firewood still.
18: BRAWL Ball 2009 - From Indian food to Keegan Ales to the Basement and back again with some Woodstock vegans.
19: French fry brunch - Gretchen sends me out just to get French fries and we try to watch a Star Trek movie.
20: freezing cistern - I use a space heater in the brownhouse to dry paint and keep ice from forming in its cistern.
21: brownhouse hardware - The things one has to do to get rid of fake gold enamel.
22: the heart of pagan darkness - A heat reclaimer covered with Jesus fish.
23: butt finger - Another fun conversation at the Indian restaurant.
24: gerbil wants to improve his pecs - Yeah, that's not me, but I do get my workout in the woods. Also, Jewish Christmas 2009.
25: unexpected appetite supressant - Strong marijuana and the game Balderdash.
26: winter lightning - Also the Shining and a John Dillinger biopic.
27: condescend to open - A foggy day and some throat singing.
28: beyond Hummer processors - Also, hard linking on a Windows machine.
29: woodstove shopping - A cold day is a wakeup call concerning our broken old woodstove.
30: shirtless in the 20s - Another day of backbreaking firewood gathering.
31: just before twenty ten - Vintage science fiction and mediocre vegan food.