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Monday, October 18 2010
I noticed this morning as I was washing dishes that it was painful to bend down to pick a dish off the floor (a frequent place for dishes because Sally likes to pre-clean them). This pain was the result of all the firewood gathering I've been doing, which has affected muscles in my arms, back, and legs (but not, interestingly, in my stomach or chest).
When fording the Chamomile with a cartload of firewood this afternoon, I took the curve a little too sharp, one of the cart's wheels ended up off the grade, and it overturned. It wasn't a complete disaster in that the cart wasn't damaged, but it was enough of an inconvenience that I decided to regrade the north bank of the Chamomile using a mix of small boulders, flat sheets of bluestone, and gravel (all materials obtained within 20 feet of the crossing).
On my greenhouse door project, today I cut out pieces of Durock for sheathing the door. I've decided to place within this new door the large window from the door that David convinced me to buy from a yardsale some weeks ago (a door that didn't end up containing enough structure to be sawn down to the necessary size). The window in that door features plastic framing that can be detatched and used to install the window in a hole of appropriate size (and the tolerance of that hole doesn't even have to be good; plus or minus a quarter inch is fine).
Once I had the door sheathed on one side, I could pack insulation into all the voids of the framing. Given the large window, there weren't many voids to pack. I used scrap packing styrofoam as the insulating material, cutting it into rectangular blocks and fitting them together tightly. This resulted in lots of styrofoam crumbs, which blew around the driveway and clung to cats via static charges. As I worked, I listened to the latest This American Life podcast on my Walkman Stereo, transmitted from my computer on my pirate radio station. It was the one about how Iraq is these days as Los Estados Unidos gradually winds down its occupation.

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