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   Silver Maple windfall
Friday, October 22 2010
At Ray and Nancy's new house down in Old Hurley there are several large Silver Maple trees along the boundary line with his neighbor to the south, and at least one of those trees was so old and rotten that they arranged to have it cut down by a professional. Though Silver Maple is not great firewood, I told Ray I'd take it. I'll burn anything if collecting it is easy, and in this case I could drive right up to the ruins of the tree.
So today I collected two Subaru carloads of it, using the gas chainsaw to cut pieces from some of the bigger parts of the upper trunks (the main trunk had been so enormous that the tree company had hauled it away). There is probably enough wood in this one tree to provide heating for half of one of our winters, though since the wood is green, that half-year of heating won't fall in this heating season. Luckily, I've already laid up plenty of dry oak and chestnut for the upcoming season, and I have scouted out a number of down trees to cut up later in the season.

This evening it ended up being teevee night again for me for some reason, so I watched the classic Roman Polanski film Chinatown (as downloaded via Bittorrent). I'm not a big fan of the noir genre, but the atmospherics in Chinatown were enough to keep me watching. Ultimately, though, its story arc was something of a letdown. I didn't feel there was enough of a connection between certain profundities in the reality of the characters and the things they said in the dialog. Of course, that might just be one of the characteristics of the noir form that makes me dislike it.

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