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   October 2011

01: Deborah to Olive Bridge - After being flooded out of Saugerties, Deborah is a new place out in the boonies
02: prismatic shelf install - And it also gives me a place to store large pieces of glass.
03: blood on the ceiling - But if it is blood, it's probably not evidence of haunting.
04: boxen storage solutions - Converting old computer chassis covers into handy boxes.
05: the part of summer that happens in October - Indian Summer arrives and I go on a coffee fast.
06: alcohol with caffeine withdrawal - It makes it worse. Also, I sample some Black Metal.
07: Lyme or caffeine withdrawal? - What is causing my back pain?
08: smells and sights up Uptown Kingston - O+ in Indian Summer.
09: Hackintosh with ethernet - It's starting to actually be functional like a real computer.
10: replacement car from Brooklyn - Also, greasy vegan junk food in Williamsburg.
11: negocios para un auto - A guy tries to drive a hard bargain in the sale of our old Honda Civic, but I drive it harder.
12: no more Zanzibar - My favorite coffee supplies goes defunct.
13: negocios para un auto - A guy tries to drive a hard bargain in the sale of our old Honda Civic, but I drive it harder.
14: Transatlantic Hispanic culinary experience - Another small autumnal dinner party.
15: obsessions for good and ill - When it turns to the Honda Civic navigation DVD, it's for ill.
16: more productive uses of power tools - Don't use the course buffer on your prized DVDs.
17: one bucket, two ceilings - Mold-proofing in the aftermath of a humid summer.
18: would have applauded that - I think for a moment Romney is about to be punched by Perry.
19: stimulant alternation - Back and forth between caffeine and pseudoephedrine.
20: a TMI event at Oriole 9 - Good story telling in the Hudson Valley.
21: stimulant: coffee - Mold abatement while under coffee's influence.
22: good parasitic horror - I watch the Hidden again for the first time in 20 years. And Gretchen pulls off another successful Woodstock poetry event.
23: opening the Mt. Goat path - It's been closed since Tropical Storm Irene.
24: dog walking at Clermont - Also, delicious pasta for a frazzled ghostwriter.
25: bad parser and bad radio noise - An old workhorse function lets me down and gets rewritten. And then CF bulb radio noise makes my bath not as pleasant as usual.
26: Bruce the drooler - And the snail trails he leaves.
27: black magic and cargo cult science - Trying to limit radio noise in the boiler room somewhat unsuccessfully.
28: first frost of Fall, 2011 - And thus burning the woodstove all day.
29: freak October snowstorm - Complete with a power outage. It felt a lot like Christmas.
30: walled off from the dry wood - Lots of wood doesn't mean it's stacked right. Also, polygon math proves too complicated for my modern computer hardware.
31: better range calculation algorithm - Just ask: Do any of the verticies from its range fall within a reasonably-large quadrangle around my target point?