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   December 2011

01: nattering nabob of nada - My mother doesn't drink, but I have to.
02: outlasting Taco Bell - My father didn't, but then it came after he was born. Also: a brand new windshield.
03: Staunton's pizza by the slice - A genuinely fun pizza restaurant in Staunton and a meh Mediterranean place.
04: Staunton Mall, 2011 - A wasteland of off-brand anchor stores.
05: old mirror image guy - I see myself in a truckstop mirror and I think that guy looks old.
06: the part of summer that happens in December - Back home after my trip to Virginia.
07: comparing the Lolitas - I watch the Stanley Kubrick version and compare it to the 1997 version.
08: why the veggie burgers might be good - A quick dinner at Rolling Rock at the Hudson Valley Mall.
09: insistent in having a happy ending - The horrible ending of Crazy Stupid Love.
10: passing as mac & cheese - The macaroni and cheese bake off at the Frozendale Festival in Rosendale, NY.
11: 200 mg Seroquel experiment - I take one of the pills I inherited from my father.
12: family and controversy - These words have lost their meaning.
13: interest among employers - Just update your resume on Dice, it turns out.
14: rust belt job interview - There is actually web development in Kingston, NY.
15: Uptown stories - A storytelling event in Uptown Kingston.
16: weld holds in the wind - A little nervous from the howling approach of a cold front, I find the White Pine has still not fallen on the house.
17: sideways handgun research - Also, a revisit to abandoned buildings nearby that, it turns out, were part of a failed hotel.
18: rich in hydrogen sulfide - Another day of gut problems and wallpaper-removing flatulence.
19: city job interview - It looks promising for me to be getting a remote job based at a typography fim in Manhattan.
20: rubbery puppy at Comeau - Also, the difficulty of finding open WiFi hotspots in Woodstock.
21: port and mycelia - Hanukkah gifts and another superhero movie.
22: french fries and IPA celebration - A modest celebration of the best career news in 11 years.
23: one-day workweek - Not being micromanaged on my first day of an awesome new remote web developer job.
24: reproducing roofing metal - Buying six sheets and finding nine by the time you get home.
25: action-packed Christmas - From getting a high-design vaccuum cleaner to getting lost in a gorge to suffering through an overlong movie, this Christmas had it all.
26: problems with rubber - It's just not as reliable as copper for solar hydronic plumbing.
27: hand-made tortellini - Usually they are too scarce and precious for gluttony, but not tonight.
28: firewood and mud - Trying to get some exercise into my schedule by gathering firewood, I am thwarted by wet conditions.
29: jumpstart heroism - Another prematurely-dead car battery. And pseudoephedrine.
30: mud stuck - At a party at an off-grid house, we have trouble escaping.
31: bells over the Rondout - Actually ringing in the New Year in Kingston, NY.