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   January 2012

01: smart phone to Accord - Whole swaths of plot devices are being ruined for the makers of future narratives.
02: extra diameter that comes with winter coats - Waiting around in a restaurant for a table to clear.
03: HoJo Motor - Strip mining American ignorance with the help of SEO.
04: realizing I must poison - What I decided to do when Advance Auto Parts told me my bad battery was actually good.
05: battery fluid replacement experiment - Replacing the sulfuric acid solution of a failing car battery fails to make it work any worse.
06: comes down to the employee - What it takes to actually get your battery warranty honored.
07: proof still isn't definitive - Mole Mole might actually be a good restaurant.
08: quick semi-ironic meal - An easy drive down to Silver Spring from Hurley, NY.
09: fat milestone - Trouble fitting into trousers with a 32 inch waistband.
10: National Cathedral - It's not anywhere near as impressive as what we saw in Rome. Also, a bad liquor cabinet.
11: riesling at noon - It ends up making the rest of the day a dine-in kind of affair.
12: dog walking at the Suffern rest area - There's a little brook were the slope becomes gentle enough to climb.
13: septic field pines - I begin cutting some of them down for fear of what they might do to the field.
14: big truck to Hudson - We go north to see a movie about Whiteness.
15: reviews from my drunk self - I do not enjoy the movie entitled Antichrist.
16: sleet and trashy teevee - Nancy and I drive through a sleet storm for trashy teevee and unsatisfactory vegan pizza.
17: karmic churn - Gretchen has a bad day, and not just because the Thai food tasted like soap.
18: PIPA/SOPA web blackout - The web goes black for regulatory sanity.
19: Gretchen's forty-first - A tiny painting, some snow, and a very very bitter India pale ale.
20: advantages to old houses - Wood ages better than drywall and particleboard.
21: animatronic rictus - The baby at a dinner party.
22: diarrhea and dinner guests - Our cat treats our friends to two different revolting episodes during their several-hour visit.
23: trapezoid-shaped void - Where my phone goes in the void between monitors in my monitor array.
24: caffeine and valium - Not a good combination: it destroyed my ability to form logical thoughts.
25: alternative route for hot air - Cat isolation forces me to cut a hole in a wall.
26: Bruce the pit bull visits for the weekend - Also: proactive about exercise at least while my gut remains this big.
27: caulk and rare earth magnets - Finshing the ends of exposed drywall and organizing the non-digital pieces of my life.
28: Windex and ribbons - A crowd at the Indian buffet and Gretchen is forced to upgrade her copy of Office.
29: zip ties and Saugerties - Putting the car back together and driving north to a book reading.
30: bolting things down - Fighting my instinct to not limit my options is one of my biggest struggles.
31: SSH tunnel hell - A tight security regime forces me to learn more than I ever wanted to about multi-hop SSH.