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   February 2012

01: warm weather winter shit bucket switcheroo - No flies, not much smell, no snow to shovel out from in front of the shit hatch, and no risk of cracking brittle plastic.
02: unfrozen February - Digging soil from the banks of the Esopus in mid-winter.
03: beer in hand and a friendly cat - Watching Bering Sea Gold.
04: the Egg's Nest: a sucky experience - It's not just Ray; I really don't like that place.
05: coffee, cat balcony, and paint - I also melt down thirty aluminum cans.
06: nature, nurture, and a dog named Gus - Another episode of the Bachelor in Bearsville, this time with burritos.
07: Santorum spreads - A beneficiary of a perfect storm in the culture wars.
08: evening cobbler - And a house tour too.
09: dumplings and samosas in the City - I go into Manhattan for a day of work.
10: bored in Tivoli - Yet another endless meal.
11: not really in the wheelhouse - Watching Deadliest Catch.
12: coffee and artificial light - I send out my spaceprobe self to get equipment with which to supplement winter light for my tomato seedlings.
13: trouble with doctors - Gretchen may not actually be infected with Lyme Disease.
14: two restaurant Valentine's Day - The hunt for french fries and a touch of Linsanity.
15: starvation experiments - Not eating for reasons having nothing to do with money.
16: birthday bell - Mexican food and a church tour for my 44th.
17: regional Verizon DSL outage - Fighting my way through their flow chart and weighing the options for backup internet.
18: fibreglass resin stink - Also, surveying a route for a cable firewood transport.
19: first tempeh harvest - It starts looking both funky and dry, so I make it into a hearty red sauce for pasta.
20: endless Verizon outage - A system engineered to provide terrible customer service.
21: end of a 125 household Verizon DSL outage - It takes two days for those fuckers to fix something on one of their server racks.
22: rejecting green light - A LED grow lamp with just red and blue LEDs.
23: P&T Surplus Café - A bit more red state than the cafés I normally stick my head into.
24: ways to walk to a distant point - Maybe use a laser or maybe use a pair of lights.
25: ominous beacon on the mountain - Also, a cat that resembles both Nigel and the Loch Ness Monster.
26: couldn't compete with the ambient light - My LED color-changing beacon only works at night.
27: relatively relative - Gretchen's second family from San Jose visit and I'm not suitably social.
28: turds and vomit at Ray and Nancy's - I mess up with the cleanout of a cat litter box, resulting in my having to clean up piss, shit, and then puke.
29: he never got back - Bemoaning hours of Carl Sagan's life.