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Wednesday, February 15 2012
Given all the advanced firewood preparation and its unexpected mildness, this winter has been unusually unstrenuous for me, and I've had to resort to doing exercises to keep from turning into the kind of person one sees waddling around in a Hannaford. (I'm currently up to 150 situps per day.)
Of course, exercise is only the burn half of any weightloss program. There's also the fueling half, and I've never been one to control my intake. I like to eat until I'm uncomfortably full, and that's just at meal time. It's gradually become difficult for me to watch teevee unless I'm either eating or drinking.
Today, though, for the first time ever, I exercised extreme restraint with food intake for a reason that had nothing to do with a lack of money. Though I drank herbal tea throughout the day, I didn't eat anything at all until 3:00PM, when I prepared myself a sandwich (whole wheat bread, three slices of pepper-flavored fake turkey, pickle, lettuce, fake mayonaisse, and mustard). It was enough to give me energy without completely filling my stomach. The only other meal I had came later in the evening, when I had a largish bowl of curried Indian vegetables (lentils, potatoes, and cauliflower) Gretchen had cooked. I ate it with rice and two small flatbreads.
At times the hunger actually felt kind of good, giving my body a warm glow as if I had taken a recreational downer.

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